DIY Easter Crafts

Things are still pretty busy around here. I’m working my way through a list of things to cancel, organise, replace, repair, throw out, donate etc. Our move dates are set and it feels like all the todo lists has become do now lists! I’ve been working on the blogs in my spare minutes (Munchkin et moi received an bit of an update).

And all of a sudden Easter is almost here! I’m planning a little Easter tea party for Munchkin and one of her friends next week, but that’s the limit so far this year.

We’re staying in Lausanne for Easter (with maybe a little day trip to Lyon) as life has become a bit too hectic for a trip to London right at the minute. DM has so much on I’m trying to avoid adding too much to the todo list or I’m worried he’ll wear himself out before we even leave.

I really want to find time to make some more eggs to add to our collection this year. Here’s some inspiration I’ve found! And some of my Easter crafts from earlier years.


This video tutorial from Inkstruck is fantastic and has me wanting to try watercolour Easter eggs.



I adore the simplicity of these eggs. Using just a permanent marker and a healthy dose of creativity Hello Lidy creates these gorgeous Scandinavian inspired designs.


This fun project is from Mr Printables. It’d be great to do with your kids!



These eggs were dipped and then decorated with a sharpie by Confetti Sunshine. Such a sweet idea!



Bouffant eggs?! These retro styled Easter treats are such fun! Created by Studio DIY Read more

Taking a breather…



As you probably know, my life is in a state of flux at the moment. It seems the universe has picked up the snow globe containing my life and has given it a good shake. DM, Munchkin and I are bunkered down, watching our world fly around us, waiting for things to settle, occasionally nudging things and hoping they land where we’d like.

We’re also working our way through an ever-growing To Do list. DM is trying to finish his thesis, his Masters course, to wind up his old job and to start a new one (where the first 90 days are always important). Munchkin is walking, dropped her 2nd nap during the day this weekend *sobs*, and seems determined to investigate and to help with everything we’re doing. So it is now impossible to make or work on the computer whilst she’s awake. Then we’ve the move to America to deal with.

And I’m feeling a bit erm… fragile. I’m tired and frustrated. I’m not unhappy; quite the opposite! But I am tired of feeling like I’m continually trying to shut the gate after the horse has bolted.

So, just this morning whilst I was watching Munchkin play in the park, I realised that I’d spent a good part of her play time in self flagellation and trying to work out how I could keep her entertained and out of my way so I could work. I became frustrated because she interrupted me as I attempted to reply to an email. I realised I’d missed a fair amount of joy; the sun is out, the park full of dogs, flowers peeking through the grass and the sunshine has Switzerland’s residents smiling at one another on the street.  I’d missed part of it trying to reply to emails and to check social media. In the process I’d almost missed something even more important; this face as my daughter investigated the play equipment.

With this in mind I’ve made a decision. I need to take some of the pressure off. I create best when I’m not working to self set deadlines or merely trying to post a set number of times a week. And I’m happiest when I can work to make something as I’d like;  not a half-hearted, quick solution.

I need to Spring clean the blog. But I can’t magic up the time to do it and keep publishing posts every week without sacrificing family time and sleep. Neither of which will make me happy or healthy. So I’ve decided to take a break from the blogs for about a month. I won’t stop working, but I am planning to take the time needed to make and fix all the things on the blogs that have been frustrating me no end, and to get ahead on my posts. This will also mean that I can continue to blog during our move, when we’ll be living in temporary accommodation.

Please bear with me, I’ll still pop up on Facebook and Instagram during the next few weeks. But I won’t be posting on Next to nicx or Munchkin et moi.

See you, with some great posts, and a refreshed blog, in a few weeks!

P.S- Here’s a sneak peek of one of the projects I’m hoping to spend a decent amount of time working on. Writing up the pattern and tutorial to Ikea hack this tent, into this:



Stormtrooper pop up card

Storm trooper Pop Up Card


DM is a huge Star Wars fan. Munchkin had watched all of the movies (mainly through closed eyes) before she was 5 months old. So for his birthday it seemed appropriate to make him a Stormtrooper birthday card. And carrying on the theme from last year, it needed to be a pop up!

As I’m sure you can imagine, life has been a little like riding a rollercoaster this past few weeks. So I was exceedingly happy to carve out a little time to myself to put this card together for DM. His birthday was a low-key affair, but a perfect one. The sun came out over the weekend and we got to relax and enjoy what felt like some of the first Spring days in Lausanne. I also took him to Funky BBQ in Geneva and bought him copious amounts of American BBQ. So he was a very happy man!


Storm trooper Pop Up Card


I created this card using my cutter/ plotter. Then cut out black cardstock and glued it behind to add the details. 


Storm trooper Pop Up Card

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40 things about Nicx


I’m attending the Hive Conference in Berlin next month. They’ve started 40 Facts for the Hive (#40facts4thehive) and I’ve decided to join in. So below you’ll find 40 things about me. It’s the first time I’ve ever written something like this; so please be kind… 40 is a lot!

Photo by Hayley Hay Photography
Photo by Hayley Hay Photography

1. I used to say I’d never ever get married.
I celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary last November.


2. I said I’d never give up my career.
I’ve not worked a 9-5 job for 5 years.


3. I used to swear I’d never have kids.
I’m a mother to a gorgeous 17 month old.


4. I used to say I’d never live in a city smaller or colder than Canberra.
Lausanne is both colder and smaller. I’ve loved it here.


5.I almost didn’t date my now husband because he told me he had no desire to travel internationally. I was saving and preparing for a one way ticket to Europe.


6. I now try to never say never.


7. I’m happier than I ever imagined possible. My husband keeps asking me to say “I’ll never win lotto”.


8. I regret not learning to speak French fluently whilst here. If I had my time over I’d have tried a little harder to break out of the expat bubble so that my conversation improved. I think I’ll take lessons in California.


9. I took a cake decorating class at 16 to help allay boredom. I had a year off from school due to having both knees operated on for a hereditary problem and towards the end both my mother and I were going crazy.


17. The class was full of Nannas gossiping, I learned almost nothing (except that June’s nephew was dating a girl she disapproved of, and that Olive’s husband snored). So I went to a cake decorating supply store, bought some books and taught myself. This was well before it was cool.


18. I made loads of cakes for friends and family in my spare time (ie. at midnight or later after a huge day at work). It stopped being fun and I eventually moved where no-one knew I could bake, didn’t tell anyone and stopped making them. Until I moved to Lausanne and made a baby shower cake, and then a little mouse cake, and then birthday cakes for Munchkin. Oh and a carousel cake for one of Munchkin’s friends. It’s fun again.


19. I named my daughter after a Georgette Heyer heroine. Though we spelled it differently.


20. I love the Princess Bride; the book more than the movie.

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Big Moves – Leaving Lausanne

I’ve alluded to big changes here and there the last few months. I can finally share the largest one with you. This one has been in the works since before Christmas, and having it settled last week had us drinking pink champagne on a school night.

Champagne on a school night

We’re moving. Farewelling Lausanne and Europe, for a few years at least, and heading to California.

DM has accepted a job he was offered in Silicon Valley, so we’re looking to live in the Oakland/ Berkeley area. It seems we might fit there (I’ve already found two stitch ‘n’ bitch groups!).

We’ve a few months in Europe yet, we move in June/July, so I’m cramming in many visits to Paris, Berlin and London before then.

I’m 50% insanely excited and 50% heartbroken. I adore Europe and living here for almost 6 years has resulted in fabulous friendships and Lausanne feeling a lot like home. Munchkin was born here and I can see the clinic she was born in from my lounge. Switzerland is central to so much and has resulted in us having so many exciting European adventures. Read more