Christmas Packaging- Milk Cartons

I’ve been busy creating items for Christmas this week. I’ve been struggling to pin down what I wanted to do for our Christmas cards. I love what I’ve made but there’s just a few things that I’m not 100% happy with. So I put the card project aside to come back to and started creating packaging for the Dulce de Leche I made the other day.

I thought that as I’m basically giving away cooked milk I’d put them into little milk cartons.

This is the result! What do you think?

I think they’d also make lovely boxes for small gifts or for biscuits or little Christmas cakes.

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Banana and Dulce de Leche cake

Recipe: Gluten free banana and confiture de lait (or dulce de leche) cake
with sour cream and cream cheese frosting


I held a couple of ateliers on Friday and Saturday where some truly lovely people and their gorgeous little people came to my house for tea and cake and to put together an advent calendar. We had a wonderful time coating paper and the surrounding areas with colour, glue and glitter!

I’d brought what seemed like a ton of chocolate to fill the advent calendars, but I was a little concerned about the little people and just how much chocolate may have been consumed before it went into the calendars! So whilst the workspace was cleared and the work had a little time to dry and before I brought out the chocolate, I served chocolate milk and cake.

It seemed to have worked! Only a few were consumed or fell into pockets for later. So feeding them cake beforehand worked splendidly! Read more

Dulce de leche (or confiture de lait)


Months ago I discovered these. An evil genius had put crème caramel and baked chocolate pudding into small preserving jars. I decided I needed a set, and so set about forcing myself, my husband and other guests to eat the delicious contents. Surprisingly no-one complained!

I’d been serving small desserts in the jars when we had dinner parties. But whilst at the grocery store, I decided that my cute little preserving jars needed to contain one of my favourite discoveries. They needed to become sweet Christmas gifts containing dulce de leche (or confiture de lait in French). Read more

Seriously Simple Embroidered Christmas Decorations

I stumbled across these fabulous miniature embroidery frames by Laura of The Creative Munster a few weeks ago and promptly purchased each of her designs.

They’re fabulous!

Laser cut out of bamboo, they’re very simple to use. I used a little white linen and added some colourful star themed embroidery to these small embroidery hoop frames.

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A Robot Advent – Pre-printed & Cut

Love the template and tutorial on the previous post but don’t have a lot of time to do all the cutting and scoring?

I’ve a few extra sets of this Little Mr Robot Advent calendar for sale. You receive 24 numbered bodies and 24 heads, pre cut and pre-scored!

All you have to do is fold them, apply glue or double sided tape and add the presents.

I’m selling them for 40 chf (43 US$) inclusive of postage! If you’d like a set just click here add your payment and shipping information and I’ll have them shipped off to you within 2 – 3 working days. Read more

Items I covet – PaPerish perfection

A couple of months ago I was wondering through the stationery department of Globus in Lausanne looking for a cute card for a friend when I stumbled upon some of these gorgeous and fabulously unique bags made by Korean brand PaPerish

I instantly fell in love with their Daily Bag. I’ve been carrying it around for almost 2 months and use it to lug my makeup and swimming things to the pool a few times per week. It’s gathered quite a few extra ‘character marks’ in that time but it still looks great and is working fabulously.

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DIY Advent Calendar Atelier (Lausanne)

A quick message for all of you lovely Lausannois!

I’m running three ateliers (a minimum of 2 and a maximum 5 people at each):
On Friday the 23rd of November at 2:30pm to 4:30pm.
On Saturday the 24th at 3:00pm to 5:00pm
And on the 24th at 10:00am to 12:00pm for children with help/ supervision from their parents.

They’re held in English as my conversational french is not great and would mean you’d be frustrated and we’d still be there 5 hours later ;)

For 50chf you get a pre-cut template and access to all the required materials for you to assemble your calendar. As well as access to art supplies (paints, pastels, pencils etc) for you to decorate it and 24 chocolates to put in your calendar (or to eat if you’ve got other little gifts in mind!).

Afternoon tea is also provided.I’ll be there to help you put them together and to provide aid wherever needed.If you’re interested, please contact me via email at or via the contact form on this site.

Information about the atelier for children (with parental supervision and assistance provided). 
The bottom tray and inserts are already assembled. This means the children get to decorate the top and sides of their calendar and to fill them with their choice of chocolate/ lollies. I’ll do the final steps so that they depart with a complete calendar

DIY Advent Calendar- $1 Template

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front this week as I’ve been spending quite some time putting together this tutorial and printable template. It’s by far and away the most advantageous template I’ve created so far! It allows you to customise, print and create your own advent calendar!

Structurally it’s just as strong as most store bought calendars; but it allows you to customise it to your hearts content and to fill it with whatever little presents you desire. I cobbled the image on the front of mine together using some vector art (the image is not part of the template). Read more

Sunday supper for four with a splendidly rich dessert

Recipe: Gluten Free Chocolate and Whisky Cream Pie

Last Saturday night we had some friends come to dinner. It was raining and horrible outside, so after doing the shopping and tidying the house I spent the afternoon cooking and baking.
I made a big loaf of fresh Schar gluten free bread, using Schar Bread Mix B. This is by far the best bread flour I’ve found so far. The loaf came out with a nice crust and a doughy, soft centre. It was delicious!

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