Nicx makes stuff…


The most concise way I have of describing next to nicx is that it’s my creative side… online.
I’m a blogger, designer, letterpress printer, maker, (gluten free) baker, new mother, wanderer and expat.

I find it quite difficult to describe what I do. I’ve always had an aptitude for creating and making things. And combining the skills my mother, grandmother and aunt taught me, along with things I’d taught myself along the way, a foundation studies course in design and 10 years working in the construction industry as a Detail Design Drafter and Drawing Office Manager has provided me with rather an unusual skills set!

When life threw a fabulous curve-ball resulting in a move to Lausanne, Switzerland to follow my (gorgeous) husband’s career. I discovered that being a work-a-holic, perfectionist with insatiable curiosity and the ‘Stepford wife’ job description fit about as well as ball-gown on a building site.

So to save my sanity (and that of my husband’s!) I embraced all of my ‘nana’ hobbies and started creating and blogging about my many interests. I also started a successful Stitch ‘n’ Bitch in Lausanne, commenced hosting social events and encouraged the S’n’B to evolve into a support network for other english speaking creatives. All while teaching myself to use an Adana 8×5 letterpress and how to make photopolymer plates.


Nicola Pravato


I set up a sunny studio in our apartment, and my work evolved into a ‘creative’ business. This has resulted in me doing everything from making and aiding in the installation of giant tutus on statues as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign and creating handmade, letter-pressed custom satin lined boxes for the Prix de Lausanne, to designing and printing personal stationery, Christmas cards, invites and business cards. I’ve designed and created dessert tablesbaked novelty cakes and hosted events including visits to Alpaca farms, monthly dinners and baby showers.

With an eye for detail, a creative bent, a history of making  and insatiable curiosity, I’m perfectly poised to create… stuff.

I am available for private commissions, for party planning or for installationcorporate work.

Please feel free to contact me if I can provide you with any further information or answer any of your questions! And thank you for following next to nicx.