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I’m attending the Hive Conference in Berlin next month. They’ve started 40 Facts for the Hive (#40facts4thehive) and I’ve decided to join in. So below you’ll find 40 things about me. It’s the first time I’ve ever written something like this; so please be kind… 40 is a lot!

Photo by Hayley Hay Photography

Photo by Hayley Hay Photography

1. I used to say I’d never ever get married.
I celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary last November.


2. I said I’d never give up my career.
I’ve not worked a 9-5 job for 5 years.


3. I used to swear I’d never have kids.
I’m a mother to a gorgeous 17 month old.


4. I used to say I’d never live in a city smaller or colder than Canberra.
Lausanne is both colder and smaller. I’ve loved it here.


5.I almost didn’t date my now husband because he told me he had no desire to travel internationally. I was saving and preparing for a one way ticket to Europe.


6. I now try to never say never.


7. I’m happier than I ever imagined possible. My husband keeps asking me to say “I’ll never win lotto”.


8. I regret not learning to speak French fluently whilst here. If I had my time over I’d have tried a little harder to break out of the expat bubble so that my conversation improved. I think I’ll take lessons in California.


9. I took a cake decorating class at 16 to help allay boredom. I had a year off from school due to having both knees operated on for a hereditary problem and towards the end both my mother and I were going crazy.


17. The class was full of Nannas gossiping, I learned almost nothing (except that June’s nephew was dating a girl she disapproved of, and that Olive’s husband snored). So I went to a cake decorating supply store, bought some books and taught myself. This was well before it was cool.


18. I made loads of cakes for friends and family in my spare time (ie. at midnight or later after a huge day at work). It stopped being fun and I eventually moved where no-one knew I could bake, didn’t tell anyone and stopped making them. Until I moved to Lausanne and made a baby shower cake, and then a little mouse cake, and then birthday cakes for Munchkin. Oh and a carousel cake for one of Munchkin’s friends. It’s fun again.


19. I named my daughter after a Georgette Heyer heroine. Though we spelled it differently.


20. I love the Princess Bride; the book more than the movie.


Photo by Hayley Hay Photography

Photo by Hayley Hay Photography


21. My favourite colour changes with the season and my mood. At the moment I’m in love with coral. Over the Winter it was navy blue.


22. I like Japanese collector toys, my favourite were Be@rbricks. I still have a box of them stashed in a closet.


23. I love packaging. As a teenager I had boxes stashed within boxes, all stored under my bed because the packaging was too pretty to throw away. I still struggle to throw some packaging away.


24. I used to work in the construction industry as a mechanical design drafter and drawing office manager. Some days I still miss it. Most days I don’t.


25. I had chronic migraines every day for four years. I was on so many drugs (painkillers, anti inflammatories etc) that I once had a mental blank when someone asked me my name. I could barely function and had given up hope of living a normal life.


26. I got help, realised I was desperately unhappy with the life I was leading, painfully tipped it upside down so as to live my life authentically and not as others wanted me to. I’ve not had a migraine in over 7 years.


27. My aunt taught me to make my first, and so far only, teddy bear. She died and I’ve not been able to bring myself to finish him. He’s still on my studio shelf waiting for his eyes and an ear. I’ve promised myself I’ll finish him for Munchkin.


28. I’m a social introvert. I love people, but being around them doesn’t give me energy. It takes it. I usually need time alone to recover after socialising. This is nearly impossible as a mother. Hence the reason my little socialite of a daughter goes to garderie (daycare) a day and a half a week. It saves both our sanity.


29. When I was 25 my legs hurt if I wore flat shoes. Now my everything hurts if I wear heels for more than 20 minutes.


30. My list of things to learn keeps on growing, I don’t think I’ll ever get it all done. Next to learn; iced cookies, photography, the new version of Adobe Creative Suite and screen printing.


31. I love dresses and can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can start wearing them again.


32. I’m going grey! The first patch started where I hit my head on the bathroom cabinet door 5 years ago. I’m unsure if I should colour my hair or live with it and see how it progresses. I’ve only recently stopped pulling them all out. I started to worry I’d go a bit bald if I didn’t! In my wild moments, I consider dyeing it all silver grey.


33. I prefer a little very good chocolate to a lot of the ordinary stuff.


34. My eyesight deteriorated whilst I was pregnant and I now need to wear glasses all the time. If I take them off I appear ten years younger when I look in the mirror.


35. A painful experience at the school dentist in primary school has left me terrified of them. I need to go, but I feel physically sick every time I go to make an appointment.


36. Sometimes I wish I couldn’t make things as it would be loads easier to just buy them. But it feels like cheating. I’ve let myself cheat more since Munchkin came along. I’m learning to outsource occasionally.


37. I’m a bit of a neat freak. I generally clean every cupboard in the house at least once a year. I can’t wait until we move house so I can go through all the cupboards and storage to get rid of loads of accumulated stuff. I’m married to a sentimental hoarder. We both compromise; I’m learning to save more and he doesn’t keep as much as he used to.


38. If you haven’t already worked out from above, I’m something of a geek. I’m proud of it.


39. As much as I’m afraid of the move to America. I also feel I need it. I’ve fallen into an overly comfortable rut. This move has already started to shake me out of it.


40. My hero is my grandmother. She did (and continues to do) things her way. With style. She raised two kids alone, paid off a house, worked more jobs that I can count, travelled internationally, collected a wardrobe to rival Imelda Marcos (mainly purchased from Op Shops)and refused to let osteoporosis stop her from wearing high heels whilst using a walker. I hope I grow up to be half the woman she is… sans high heels.



  • Angela says:

    Wow, well I think you and I would get along!! lol, you would love my chocolate! Have you ever tried Tapping? helps with all sorts but I recommend specifically here for you to get over the fear of the dentist…it works! http://www.thetappingsolution.com awesome share Nic, love gettting your words in my inbox!

    • next to nicx says:

      Hi Angela,
      You print onto chocolate? That’s fantastic!
      No I’ve never tried tapping… I might have a look at it. Anything to finally get me to the dentist 😉
      Thank so much for reading my blog!
      Nic xx

  • Jo Monney says:

    And I thought I knew you well….. you’re even more fabulous than I thought! Happy dance for having a friend like you 😀

  • Nikki says:

    What a flood of memories your post brought to me and an even greater respect for your courage and respect of life. I hope America brings you and your family many interesting experiences. Thank you for allowing us to witness the inner you Nic

  • Dolna says:

    We have so many things common, even if I haven’t wrote all into my 40 facts (first it was so hard to pick 40 and now I have so much more in my head). Very entertaining to read about you, looking forward to meet you in April 🙂

  • Shobha says:

    LOL! I’m afraid to move to the US too even though I’m American. I’ve gotten into a comfortable existence living in London and the thought of picking up and starting over again just fills me with dread. Like you, perhaps I need it? I do feel like I’m in a rut.

    • next to nicx says:

      I’m struggling to break out of a rut, moving is frightening and part of me loathes it, but I know it will all work out for the best and I’ll have a new view of things naturally. With new experiences comes growth and new creativity.
      I’d love to live in London… maybe one day!
      Good luck with your move 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing. I love the Princess Bride too!! See you at The Hive 🙂

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