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I got my nerd on last week. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my husband is something of a Star Wars fan. Don’t get the wrong idea, our walls and shelves are not plastered in…

Stormtrooper Pop Up Card

Stormtrooper pop up card

  DM is a huge Star Wars fan. Munchkin had watched all of the movies (mainly through closed eyes) before she was 5 months old. So for his birthday it seemed appropriate to make him a Stormtrooper…

Geometric Heart PopUp Card

Heart Pop Up Card

This year Munchkin and I collaborated to create a card for DM. Below is the result. Munchkin directed where she wanted me to draw hearts and with which crayon, then got to embellishing the rest…

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Woven paper rocket

Woven paper rocket

A few weeks ago I was sent a copy of a gorgeous new paper weaving book by Anna and Lena Schepper. They’re the two geniuses behind the woven paper baubles I made a few years…

I haven’t forgotten you!

I haven’t forgotten you!

I haven’t forgotten you lovely readers! Even though from outward appearances it appears I’ve abandoned the blog, I haven’t! Life has just conspired against me and I’ve had no time to sit and make. We spent…

Paper feathers

Inspirational reads: I love paper

Due to a series of unfortunate events this past weekend, I found myself (not unhappily, I should add) wandering the streets of Paris alone for a few hours. Finding myself at the Pompidou, I immediately lost myself…

Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

I wrote a few weeks ago about taking a breather from blogging. To focus on my little one, our currently tumultuous but very exciting existence and Spring cleaning the blog. Then I went to a…

Hand drawn eggs

DIY Easter Crafts

Things are still pretty busy around here. I’m working my way through a list of things to cancel, organise, replace, repair, throw out, donate etc. Our move dates are set and it feels like all…


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Chocolat Chaud/ Hot Chocolate

Chocolat Chaud – Hot Chocolate

The other day I had a friend visiting from Australia, she managed to arrive just in time for Switzerland to decide that Spring was completely overrated and that it wanted to return to Winter. It rained…