A little festive flair

In only 11 sleeps Christmas is here! My husband and I are staying in Switzerland this year and so I’ve been able to let myself go a little crazy in the decoration department. In part because we’re not going to be spending it with our family and we still want it to feel special!

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money but wanted a big statement piece over the dining table, I had decided to hang a series of small Christmas tree’s upside down over the table (we’ve 5 quite hefty hooks in the ceiling for just such decorating purposes). But DM pooh-poohed the idea.

Which is when I decided to make a huge wreath! I think I’ve more foliage suspended from the ceiling now than we would have if DM had permitted the little trees.

So after many hours searching, I found myself at a large Toy’s R Us store purchasing a hula hoop and heading to the nearest Christmas Tree market to buy a whole heap of the leftover branches (remaining after they trim and shape the trees). I purchased 8 of them in different shapes and sizes but really could have used another one. As it was, all that remained of my once luxurious branches was the stem and one or two pieces that were deemed too damaged to use.

If you’d like to make yourself a large wreath for over your table you’ll need:

  • A hula hoop (mine was 80cm in diameter)
  • A reasonable number of branches or alternate material for your wreath
  • A roll of florists tape
  • A hot glue gun
  • A pair of secateurs
  • Christmas decorations
  • Christmas decoration hangers
  • Ribbon (about 3 to 4 meters)

To make the wreath, cut pieces of foliage off the tree branches using the secateurs and attach them to the hula hoop using the florists tape as shown above.

You continue to do the same thing repeatedly, overlapping the florists tape with foliage from the next piece.

Work on the outside and inside of the hoop and check the view from the bottom. You want to ensure that you’re getting good coverage as you don’t want to see the hula hoop on the inside.

If you find yourself with small places that need extra filling out as they look a little unbalanced or sparse, just wrap the ends of a few small pieces together with florists tape and using a hot glue gun, adhere them into place either onto the hoop or onto other branches.

When you’ve completely covered your hoop, go back over it and fill it out with any remaining pieces, glueing them into place with the hot glue gun. You want the wreath to look balanced and as full as you can get it. This is where I really could have used some additional greenery!

Cut two equal lengths of ribbon and tie the ends on opposite sides of your hoop. Where the ribbons overlap is your hanging point. I hung up my wreath at this point so as to make it easier to decorate.

Then using christmas decoration hangers I’d bought at the same time as my decorations, I hung coloured baubles all around the exterior of the wreath.

And then draped it in some decorative chain. I’m really happy with the overall result!

I now can’t wait to have our friends around the table celebrating with us!

This could also be a great option for people who don’t have floor space available for a Christmas tree or for those with children who would like to keep their precious baubles away from little fingers!




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