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It’s coming round to that time of year wherein I look at the calendar and panic. I’ve not even started to think about Christmas presents for friends and family, let alone creating an advent calendar. And this year is particularly difficult as I’m trying to do it all whilst sleep deprived and often with a Munchkin who won’t let me put her down. So this year, I’m remaking some of the advents I created last year and thought you might want to do so too.

So here’s a slightly revised Little Mr Robot advent blog post:

A friend of mine dropped into conversation that she thought that I sketch I’d done years ago would look rather cute as an advent calendar. So I spent a little time this week playing with it to see if I could get it to work. Et voilà!! Here is the result!

I’ve modified the advent download for 2013. It’s no longer available free of charge, but like my other Advent Calendar it is now available for download for just $1. Please see the details at the end of this post for more information.

But on to the fun stuff!

For this project you’ll need:

  • 12 sheets of 220 gsm cream card
  • A printer (I used an inkjet as it seems to take the card a lot better)
  • Double sided tape or quick drying glue
  • A ruler
  • An x-acto knife or scalpel
  • Some ribbon or bakers twine if you intend to hang them up
  • Little presents

Each of these little guys ends up 6cm tall and 4.5cm wide. The head is 4.5 cm wide x 2.8 cm tall x 2.8 cm deep (the perfect size for a little present or chocolate!)

To start, print the PDF file below onto 12 sheets of A4 220 gsm card in your choice of colour (I used a lovely cream colour, though he looked quite nice on stark white too!).

Then cut out each body and head using an x-acto knife and ruler. Score along the dotted lines. I don’t have a photo of this part as I used my cutter/ plotter for this project.

Fold along the two dotted and scored lines on the body of the robot. This makes his base.

Next, fold along all the dotted and scored lines on the head piece.

Carefully place the ‘neck’ tab into the two slots on the base of the head as shown.

At this point he looks a bit like this!

Place double sided tape or glue onto the 4 box side support tabs as shown.

I found this E-Z Runner in the photo section of my local Manor and it’s my new favourite thing! It cut’s down the time of applying double sided tape substantially and is lovely and accurate. If you can get your hands on one I thoroughly recommend it.

At this point you fill his cute little head with sweet ideas!

Fold down the two large side pieces and fold up the two little support brackets.

Then fold in the small back panel and bring the top of his head over into place. Sliding the locking tab into the cut on the back panel. The two little support brackets slide into place where his antenna is.

And he’s finished! Straighten up his antenna and create his 23 little friends and you’re ready to thread them all onto a ribbon or to hook them onto a tree or wreath.

Or just to leave them as a cute robot army.


Normally I put the templates up on my blog for free. But this time I’ve put this template up for you to buy on Gumroad. I’m asking that you pay what you feel the template is worth. The minimum Gumroad allows me to set is $1, of which I get 70 cents (which buys me 10% of a coffee at Starbucks in Switzerland or 0.3666666666666667% of my annual hosting fees).

If you feel the template is worth $1 to you, pay $1. If you think it’s worth $5, pay $5. I’m hoping this will make it fair for everyone.

This project has taken me a lot of time and effort to put together and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not asking for much, the monies from this template will allow me to continue to fund next to nicx and to keep giving templates and tutorials away for free, without having to resort to advertising.

My aim is to always have at least 80% of next to nicx’s content on the site for free.

How it works: Upon providing your payment details and email address, you will instantly get access to a zip file containing the PDF files and they will also be emailed to you.


To purchase and download the templates click here

Thank you for supporting next to nicx! I really hope you have as much fun putting together this advent calendar as I have had creating it.


The templates and all associated photographs and materials are copyright to © next to nicx and to Nicola Pravato. Please use the templates for personal use only.



I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I just have to say – WOW!!! I really love the things you make, bake and take (photos of)!! :-) These little robots are soo cute! Thanks for all the fun stuff and inspiration.

next to nicx

Hi Kyel,
Thanks for your lovely comment! I adore receiving feedback from followers! I’m so glad you like my projects. I’ve had a really lovely time putting them together. I’ve a whole heap more coming up in the lead up to Christmas.


I love this! Downloaded and donated. Now I just need to go get some paper. Thanks! :D

next to nicx

Thank you! Your contribution to my caffeine and paper fund is very much appreciated. I hope you’re happy with the results!


this is beyond cute!!! Love it~~ <3


Oh my! I love this! My son is called Otto, and we call him Robotto all the time. This is perfect for him (he’s 2,5). Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing :)

next to nicx

Oh that’s perfect! I hope he loves it!


Erm… how am I gonna put this… THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! Sweetest thing ever, thanks for being so generous!

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Thank you so much!


i downloaded and donated and i love the robot advent calendar and i’m so thankful to you for offering it to everyone :) it’s so cute and our family is having fun placing them around the house and finding the robots and it helps that they are numbered lol :)

next to nicx

Thank you so much for your donation! It’s much appreciated. I’m so glad you and your family are having fun with them! :)


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This is to let you know that you can afford another Starbucks coffee now. I have downloaded the fan gift bag-template first – I love it! – and then I’ve come across your robot calendar – I LOVE IT! – and had to have it as well. I do know how much time and effort it takes to create designs like that and this is why I have decided to donate $10 for it. Plus I am going to keep coming back to see your future strokes of genius … Thank you very much.

next to nicx

Thank you so much for your generous purchase! I really appreciate it (as does my (currently decaf) coffee addiction).
I’m so very glad you like the templates.

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