About nicx

Nicx makes stuff…

The most concise way I have of describing next to nicx is that it’s my creative side online.
I’m a designer, maker, (gluten-free) baker, mother to the gorgeous and troublesome Munchkin, Adana letterpress printer, wanderer and expat.



I’ve always had an aptitude for creating and making things. I grew up in an environment where crafting, baking and sewing were the norm. Ten years in the construction industry as a detail design drafter and drawing office manager gave me planning, organisational and pattern making skills.

When life threw a fabulous curve-ball resulting in a move to Lausanne, Switzerland; I found myself bored and unemployed.

In order to save my sanity I embraced all the ‘nana’ hobbies I’d accumulated over the years and started creating and blogging about my many interests.


This has resulted in me:


The fairly recent addition to our life of the mischievous Munchkin has altered life in a wonderful way. As a result I started a sister blog called Munchkin et moi. About craft for or with children, fashion (or lack thereof), fantastic toys, kid friendly meals and recipes and the general chaos that is part and parcel of motherhood.

Nicola Pravato by Hayley Hay Photography