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Make. Bake. Fold. Sew

Next to Nicx is my creative side online.
I’m a designer, maker, (gluten-free) baker, mother to the gorgeous and troublesome Munchkin, a wanderer and an expat.


I grew up in a house where crafting, baking and sewing were the norm. But as I got older it fell out of fashion and whilst embracing my workaholic tendencies I stopped crafting, making or baking.

But life threw a fabulous curve-ball resulting in a move to Lausanne, Switzerland.

Newly married, lacking the local language and struggling to cope with my first really, really cold winter I found myself lonely, bored and unemployed.

In order to save my sanity I dug out all the ‘nana’ hobbies I’d accumulated over the years and started creating and blogging about my many interests.

Having a child opened up a whole extra world of creativity, craft and chaos.

And now as a family of three, we’ve moved yet again! We’re now living in Oakland in California and are thoroughly enjoying exploring the Bay Area and meeting it’s lovely residents.

Nicola Pravato

Late, late, for a very important date! Munchkin outside @libertylondon We're all getting a bit of a wardrobe update today #libertyprint #libertylondon #munchkin #toddler #vacation #london #shopping #cambridgesatchelcompany

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