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Hello, I’m Nicola

I’m wife to a gorgeous and talented data nerd, a mother to a sweet and mischievous two year old ‘Munchkin’, a maker, designer, gluten-free home baker, business owner, wanderer, and expat.

Our family recently relocated to the East Bay Area in California via a stay in Europe. We intended to live in Switzerland for a couple of years at most, but we fell in love with it there. My husband’s job meant we left after six!

I was born in Canberra, Australia, but spent most of my life in Sydney. Creativity and a love of craftsmanship abounds in my family. Whilst in Switzerland, this ingrained passion for design and making of all sorts blossomed into this blog and lots of creative adventures.

And now I’ve started a business! Munchkin et Moi is my foray into the world of Fashionable European shoes for little feet (0 to 6 years). We launch in August 🙂

Nicola Pravato

Late, late, for a very important date! Munchkin outside @libertylondon We're all getting a bit of a wardrobe update today #libertyprint #libertylondon #munchkin #toddler #vacation #london #shopping #cambridgesatchelcompany

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