Advent Atelier- Show and Tell

Just look at these gorgeous creations! They’re the result of my first kids atelier. I held a 2 hour class for 3 children and their respective mothers. Each child decorated and filled their own advent calendars. Their mothers assembled their calendars as well as filling and decorating them. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I did!

This beautiful little boy is 5. He created this masterpiece and had a fabulous time with the stickers and glitter pens!

There was chocolate milk… as demonstrated in this photo and the following, the kids really enjoyed it!

This lovely little lady is 3 and her advent calendar had to be pink and purple in all pens, pencils, glitter pens and stickers. Isn’t it (and she) gorgeous?

Mr M, is 8. He’s been learning about temples. So he drew a temple on his advent calendar and aged the building. It was one of his first ‘big drawings’. He did a great job!

Following is the work of some of the mothers and others who attended the atelier this year. I didn’t get photo’s of all of them unfortunately.

I had a wonderful time helping facilitate a few hours of creative chaos. I can’t wait to do it again!



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