Ampersands+Embroidery = Nerdy Joy

I’d intended to do this project whilst we were on holidays. I know, I know… the best laid plans of mice and men. My plans went awry the moment I received the latest Frankie magazine in the mail the day before I was to depart.

I ended up spending all the time I’d intended to do embroidery, reading, painting my nails and reading some more!

But ultimately it worked out for the best as both Husband and I came home with the flu and this gave me something to do whilst I was moping on the couch!

I’m quite happy with the final result. What do you think?

Ampersand embroideryAmpersand EmbroideryPolaroid
It was really quite easy to do!

Just pick a selection of your favourite ampersands and print out at the size you want.
Transfer to fabric using carbon paper (a fabulous tutorial here if you’ve never done it before)
And get stitching!
Mix up your stitch types to keep it interesting. If you’re new to embroidery, there’s some fabulous information about types of stitches and tutorials here.
I used dark blue (almost black) embroidery fabric and DMC satin embroidery floss from Au Bouton Chic in Lausanne.




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