An Easter morning tea with two toddlers

Munchkins at Easter tea

One of the best things about being a mother to an 18 month old toddler? Being able to do all the fun things I love doing, for her!

We altered our plans to go to London for the Easter weekend due to scheduling issues and DM having so much on I’m afraid he’ll keel over if I didn’t slow things down a tad. Sadly this meant no Easter egg hunt at Kew Gardens or enormous personalised chocolate eggs from Harrods.


So, to make her second Easter a little special, I decided to do a little tea party for Munchkin, her little friend Violet and a couple of Munchkin’s favourite toys (at the minute it’s “Hey Dee” the elephant and the Harrods bunny our friends purchased for her last Easter. She won’t go to sleep without them both!).


This stunning little lady is Violet, she interns over at her mothers blog. Tanya, her fabulous mother is one of the founding duo behind the The Lausanne Guide.


I was determined to keep things reasonably simple. After all only four of us were there (the stuffed animals didn’t eat much).

I made up some little cupcakes using the same cake recipe I’d used for Munchkin’s first birthday cake and cooked them in little cupcake wrappers. I used some Miss Etoile baking cups I’d purchased at Pfister to create a container that held a hidden compartment in the bottom (here’s how I put them together), then placed the cupcake in the top. This had the added benefit of making it easy to take out and was much easier for little people to eat!

To decorate the cakes, I cut a small circle of cake out of the top of each cupcake, placed a small amount of homemade strawberry jam in the bottom, topped with some whipped cream, cut the circle of cake in half and placed it in the top to create a ‘butterfly’, then added icing sugar and some tiny sugar stars.


I also created some gluten-free sugar cookies in the shape of rabbit ears (details and template to make your own here) and attempted my first ever piped royal icing to decorate them. They sat on each side of the girls babyccinos.


I set the table with little cake stands, some candy covered chocolate eggs, little tea cups for the stuffed animals and daffodils. Making sure to leave lots of space for slightly uncoordinated little people.


Both Munchkin and Violet loved their cakes and milk!


The cookies were a hit too.


Then they discovered their little secret compartments! I’d hidden a chocolate beetle and a couple of little candy covered chocolate eggs in the bottom of each.


They didn’t last long! Haha


The little ladies burnt off their sugar rush playing in the curtains and with Munchkin’s toys.


And left me with surprisingly little in the way of mess to clean up!


I had such fun! I thoroughly enjoyed putting the little party together, had a lovely morning with Tanya and Violet and adored watching the girls enjoy themselves.

Happy Easter all! I hope you have a fabulous one.



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