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I got my nerd on last week. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my husband is something of a Star Wars fan. Don’t get the wrong idea, our walls and shelves are not plastered in memorabilia, but there are some very lovely bound Making of Star Wars books on our shelves and in the studio a couple of themed items have found their way to his shelves.

Last Sunday was Father’s Day in Australia. We’ve always celebrated the special days in Australian time as it is easier to remember. It also makes it much easier to book in for brunch at the last minute 😉

So when I found out about Force Friday I grabbed Munchkin and we lined up outside an Apple store first thing on Friday morning to buy DM a BB-8. It’s a much more interesting gift than the new wallet I had in mind.

BB-8 Robot

But I couldn’t leave it at that! He needed cute wrapping and a card. So I drew up a BB-8 and using the printer in the business centre downstairs (I’ve yet to order a new one since we moved) I put him through my new hot foiling machine.

This is the result. Munchkin decorated the inside in her own unique style.


The card isn’t my greatest work but the printer I had access to was rubbish. Even so, I think the patchy print made him look a bit battered and fit the Star Wars theme.

If you’d like to use the template I created, you can download it below (click on the “Download” text). This will give you access to a zip file containing both the .eps, .ai and .jpg files. You can modify and use him however you like. On banners, birthday cards, invitations – anything you desire.

BB-8 jpg




Note: I’ve no affiliation with Star Wars, Disney or Lucasfilm. Please only use this template for personal, fair use, as I have.

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