Big Moves – Leaving Lausanne

I’ve alluded to big changes here and there the last few months. I can finally share the largest one with you. This one has been in the works since before Christmas, and having it settled last week had us drinking pink champagne on a school night.

Champagne on a school night

We’re moving. Farewelling Lausanne and Europe, for a few years at least, and heading to California.

DM has accepted a job he was offered in Silicon Valley, so we’re looking to live in the Oakland/ Berkeley area. It seems we might fit there (I’ve already found two stitch ‘n’ bitch groups!).

We’ve a few months in Europe yet, we move in June/July, so I’m cramming in many visits to Paris, Berlin and London before then.

I’m 50% insanely excited and 50% heartbroken. I adore Europe and living here for almost 6 years has resulted in fabulous friendships and Lausanne feeling a lot like home. Munchkin was born here and I can see the clinic she was born in from my lounge. Switzerland is central to so much and has resulted in us having so many exciting European adventures.

I desperately don’t want to leave these memories, adventures and friendships behind. However, many of our friends here are also expats, meaning many will also move on in the coming years.


And I can’t lie; Lausanne is quite a small city (population of about 120,000), and whilst I adore that I rarely walk down the street without running into a friend, we’ve often felt ourselves wanting to live in a big city again.

We’ve struggled to leave though as life here is so good! It was just before Christmas that we were speaking to some friends over dinner, saying we needed a catalyst to get us moving. Life here is so easy, and so comfortable, that unless we were jolted out of our Swiss bubble, we’d never leave.


As so often happens when you put these things out into the ether; ten days later, we received a catalyst! It’s taken over two months of negotiations and waiting, but it’s now signed and sealed.


Since it has been confirmed, I’ve found myself lugging my camera out with me every day, and mentally tabulating all the little things I’ll miss. The architecture, cobbled streets, views across the lake to France, weekend trips to Paris, the amazing pâtisseries and tea-rooms, the view from our kitchen bench that Munchkin adores (she can see all the puppies being taken to the park for their morning ablutions)… and so many more.

Munchkin's favourite window in Lausanne

I’ve also got butterflies of excitement in my stomach. There are so many adventures on the horizon. We can’t wait to start exploring!

We’re really looking forward to exploring California and San Francisco, to meeting new friends and having new adventures. Adventure number one… finding a house 😉

And so many of you lovely readers live in the US! So I’ll be in the same time zone for once. And I’ve one good friend who lives in San Francisco, so that’s already one more than we had in Lausanne when we moved here.

I’ve already discovered amazing gluten-free baked goods, now I’ve just to find great coffee, fabric stores, paper supplies, craft supplies, parks, daycare, butchers, grocers, play groups… etc.

If any of you lovely readers have hints or tips I’d love to hear them.


  • Yvonne says:

    Oh wow. That is indeed a big move! I’m also thinking of leaving my town. I cannot imagine living anywhere else in Germany but Hamburg. But I really would like to move. See new people. get out of my comfort zone.

    And I know I have to do it soon.


    • next to nicx says:

      Hi Yvonne!
      Moving internationally was (and I’m sure will be again) the most exciting, terrifying, frustrating, rewarding, stressful and life altering thing I’ve ever done. Shaking ourselves out of our comfort zone/ bubble completely altered the way I feel about life and brought us so many exciting adventures, amazing friendships and eye opening moments. I can’t recommend it enough!
      And you know, if it doesn’t work. If you hate it (but read up on culture shock! The first year sucks… seriously) you can always move back! 🙂
      Good luck! Keep me posted if you do decide to move? I’d love to hear how you go and where you go! 😉

      P.S- Can’t wait to meet you at Hive!

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