Sugar sprinkle gift packaging



This is part one of a two blog tutorial series. I had it all in one, but it got over large and convoluted. So I’ve decided to pull this part out. I’ll post the second part over the weekend!

Basically I wanted to give away little sugar sprinkles packets to be included in gift packs I was making up. But do you think I could find them anywhere?! I searched high and low, but everything was either too large, or much too expensive.

So I came up with this idea!


Made out of transparent plastic sheets (the same as the ones they use on report covers and available in any office supply store), given a bit of a clean, cut to size and taped up; they’re super quick, very easy, and would make a great packaging option for any small gift.

Below is an image with all the materials you need to make up the sugar packets. The cute container is to put the sugar packets into.


To make them up, follow the step by step tutorial below:


1. Place a thin strip of double sided tape alone one of the long sides of your plastic square. Roll and stick together so that you’ve made a tube. Then place a piece of clear tape over the seam on the outside of the tube, trimming it neatly. This is to provide additional support as the packets can burst open otherwise.


2. Aligning the seam on the inside as shown, squeeze one end of the tube flat.


3. Using the washi tape, seal it closed. Cutting off the excess tape for a clean look.


4. Using a funnel, fill the tubes with your sugar sprinkles. Making sure to leave room at the top.


5. Then at 90 degrees to the bottom fold, repeat the steps above to crimp the end of the tube flat and to tape it up!

And voilà! You have a cute clear package, filled with sweet sugary decorations.


My tutorials are free for personal use only.




Lounging Munchkin Style


Lounging Munchkin Style

Whilst out shopping last weekend we stumbled across these little foam chairs for children. Munchkin immediately fell in love with them. It was just her size! And light enough that she can push it around on the floor easily. As we’d been discussing seating options for her for a while (bean bags and big cushions) we decided to get one.

Just after purchasing it, Munchkin decided it would make a fantastic walking aid. And so with her teddy and dolly sitting comfortably, she commenced doing laps of the living, dining and kitchen areas.

There was only one problem. It was a twitch inducing colour, with a dreadful print on the front and was covered in exceedingly poor quality cotton. It needed to be rectified, and as quickly as possible!

Lounging Munchkin Style

The very next day, as soon as Munchkin went down for her nap, I attacked that thing! Pulling the cover off and using my stitch ripper with glee (I had absolutely no intention of re-using the fabric so very little care was taken).

I then laid out the pieces roughly to make sure I had enough fabric, ironed them all and laid them out to use as a pattern for the new cover. I had some gorgeous fabric by Japanese brand Kokka in my stash that I’d been planning to use for a different project, but this was an emergency!

Lounging Munchkin Style

I had to work quickly, as Munchkin woke from her nap and was most unhappy to have lost use of her little chair. And so after just a few hours of cutting, pinning and sewing I had this.

Lounging Munchkin Style

I only had a minute to photograph it though! After just a handful of shots, little Miss M decided I’d had it quite long enough, thank you very much. And over my protestations (and a giggle or two) made off with it!

Lounging Munchkin Style
Lounging Munchkin Style
Lounging Munchkin Style
Lounging Munchkin Style

I love the result, and so does Munchkin. It’s getting loads of use daily!

I’ve kept the old pattern pieces, I wonder what cover I should make up next?


Lounging Munchkin Style before-and-after

In Print…


Homespun magazine Jan 2015

Australian craft magazine Homespun have printed a little blurb about my embroidered paper tea cups.

Homespun magazine Jan 2015 Pages from HSP1601 Pin Interest

I’ve not read their magazine before, so when I received their email, I had a look at their patterns page and found these cute little fellows! I’d love to make any and/ or all of them.


I’ve just added another inspirational magazine to my digital subscriptions and can’t wait to get my hands on a hard copy of this months issue.
Thank you so much for including my work Homespun!

Lupo. A gorgeous crochet project.


next to nicx Christmas 2014 Lupo Crochet

We’ve had a splendid Christmas break! It included visits from family, trips to Leukerbad to relax in thermal baths surrounded by snow capped alps and too much good food. My break also included some last minute projects and crochet for gifts! I’ll share them with you in the upcoming weeks.

One of those gifts was for Munchkin.

lupo the lamb

I’d found this little fellow and decided that Munchkin needed one! Isn’t he just adorable?! His name is Lupo, and he’s crochet from an amigurumi pattern by Lydia Tresselt aka Lalylala. He can be purchased here

next to nicx Christmas 2014 Lupo Crochet

The patterns are a little fiddly. But the instructions are exceptionally clear and detailed. And the results are adorable!

next to nicx Christmas 2014 Lupo Crochet


So Lupo was finished and popped under the tree just in time for Christmas morning. I half expected Munchkin to play with the wrapping and to forget him. If she didn’t like Lupo, I was more than willing to look after him for her!

next to nicx Christmas 2014 Lupo Crochet

But she adores him!

She’s asks for “Baa” when she goes to sleep each night. And has hit that adorable age where she’s starting to hug, cuddle and kiss her toys… and her friends! At garderie she’s got a little friend she plays catch and cuddle with. Thankfully he seems to quite like her cuddle assault.

next to nicx Christmas 2014 Lupo Crochet

I think Lupo needs a friend… or two.

Possibly Mici the mermaid and/ or Kira the Kangaroo.

What do you think?