Birth announcements

My latest project is residing at it’s new home! Ready for personalisation and shipping off to 50 new homes.

Letterpress printed on 100% cotton, Zerkall, mould made paper (additional ones were printed on 400gsm white card), and encased in handmade envelopes made out of 1930’s vintage dictionary paper.

Addresses and personalised stamps were printed on Canson Fine Art Inkjet Paper and attached with careful application of double sided tape.

Simple but oh so sweet, these birth announcements were truly a joy to make.

Hot Air Balloon Decoration Tutorial

I promised on my Tumbler site when I posted about Meriel’s baby shower that I would create a tutorial for the ‘hot air balloon decorations’ I created for the event.

It involves some IKEA hacking but is really quite simple! I hope you have as much fun as I did creating them.

If you’re interested in the miniature bunting, let me know in the comments and if there is sufficient interest I’ll upload a template for them too.

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A Hot Air Balloon themed Baby Shower


Today I held a baby shower for a lovely friend. Some of my very creative and talented friends and a couple of lovely new faces arrived to celebrate the imminent arrival of Meriels little one. This was an event that required cake, bunting and balloons!

I fell in love with these concepts and decided to run with a hot air balloon theme. This turned out to be fortuitous as Meriel has a pasion for the Fornasetti balloons.

I made a layered white chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and white chocolate decorations as I detest the flavour of fondant and modelling chocolate has ensured that I will never have to use it again *happy dance*.

I purchased some fabulous balloon biscuits from a very talented Nikki of Toute Sweet and my adorable friends Jo and Sandra provided all the glutenous deliciousness (scones and sandwiches). Yet more balloon bunting (I forgot to get photos of) was created by ‘she of the amazing crochet creations’, Claire.

I made the hot air ballons out of modified Ikea lamps and tea sets and manufactured some miniature bunting and voila! A pretty way to spend an afternoon.

P.S- The lovely Liberty London Girl blogged about the baby shower. Read it here

P.P.S- Voyou magazine also covered the baby shower. You can see it here

P.P.P.S- Tutorials/ templates for both the Hot Air Balloon Decorations and the invitations are now available