Tea Party Invite & Envelope Printable

Mad Hatters Unbirthday Party Themed Invite/ Notecard
Tea Party Suite


A couple of years ago DM and I decided to host one big party per year, to celebrate Summer and well… just because we wanted to! The first year we held an Unbirthday Themed Party. I made a cake and decorations and sent out letterpress invites I’d made. We gave away gifts to all of the children who attended, had a piñata including gifts for the adults, and ate way too much cake whilst quaffing alcohol laced lemonade.

Unfortunately we don’t have many photos of the table or event as we had so much fun we forgot to take photos! Last years event was a little more sedate and adult in nature. And this years will be even quieter as I’ll be 7 months pregnant when the time comes.

But since the first party, I’ve often looked at the letterpress invites and have wanted to do something more with them. So I’ve decided to create printables so you lovely people can use them as invites or note cards.

They’re really simple to put together, just cut out, fold and add a little bit of glue to the envelope. You can download each of the templates below. You’ll need A3 paper for the envelope and A4 Card stock for the invite/ card.


Tea Party Suite


My templates and tutorials are free for personal use only.


This cake & I don’t like each-other much right now

Before you read this, I need to clarify something…
I’m a perfectionist. Not with what I expect from others, just with myself. It’s bad enough that my friends have classified it as ‘nicola perfect’; as in, “I know it’s not ‘nicola perfect’ but I like it”. I’m fairly sure that’s not a good thing… I’m working on it  ;)
For example there is no way I’d ever have blogged about this cake 6 months ago. But I figure it’s not fair if I only ever blog about the successes. So here is my latest near failure. 


I’ve hidden from the world for the past week so as not to share the lurgi I bought back from Spain. But I’d finally improved enough to go out into the wide wonderous world on Saturday. And to get baking for a lovely friends birthday tea hosted at the gorgeous Clare’s on Sunday.

But I swear this cake just did not want to get made! Or photographed. And it was determined not to be the tasty delight I’d prayed for! This cake inspired at least 3 inner tantrums (because I pretend to be a lady and no longer actually stamp my feet).

I found this recipe and it looked perfect for a ‘farewell Summer’ afternoon in the park birthday. And converting it to a gluten free recipe seemed easy. Read more

Lego Party Goodie Boxes

My friend Clare has a 7 year old son who is Lego mad! He’s gone as far as memorising the catalog numbers of the kits he wants and can tell you just how many pieces there are in each box!

So it was pretty much a given that his next birthday would require a Lego theme. And whilst Clare has the challenge of creating a Lego cake and all manner of other Lego themed party items, I offered to make her some goodie boxes for each of the children to take home filled with gifts and lollies.

Read more

Every little girl turning 3 years old should have a mouse cake

I’ve created more cakes in the last 2 weeks than I have in the previous 4 years! But it seems I haven’t lost my touch completely.

Meriel, the lovely lady I held a baby shower for last Sunday, requested I make a birthday cake for her daughter when she saw this cake I made in August for an un-birthday party my husband and I held.

She knew straight away what she wanted. 3 little mice tucked up in a bed with room behind the pillows for three candles.

So I got to work and created this. Again, it’s a gluten free, white chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and decorated with modelling chocolate.

I’m taking a rest from cake making now. Tomorrow I’m moving onto new blog creation. But today I’m going to head out for a celebratory lunch! It’s been quite a fabulous week.

Have a wonderful weekend all.


Note: Sasha (aka Liberty London Girl) kindly asked me to write a guest blog about this cake. You can see the blog here