A fabulous animated book project

A book in a new format!

This made the nerd in me do a happy dance. It’s so beautiful! I absolutely adore the whale character and can’t wait to get a copy to share with my friends children.

I’ve backed this Kickstarter project to complete ‘The Story of Flewn’; there’s still 13 days to go and whilst it’s already financed, it’s a fabulous way to get your hands on prints, a copy of the finished story and other fabulous merchandise.

Bored and don’t know what to do with your library?

Today it’s raining and grey again. I’m supposed to be hosting a picnic for two of my friends and their little ones, but due to the weather we’ve had to postpone.

I really feel like attempting one of these, curling up inside with big cushions, listening to the rain and completing my current book, it’s good but I’ve been so busy I’ve yet to finish reading it.

I’m fairly sure I don’t have enough books to make this though… and I definitely don’t have enough time.

Oh well. The fantasy was nice whilst it lasted… off to work.

Via This is Colossal