Happy Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


It’s that time of the year! That time when Spring arrives and all the shelves in every store are full of chocolate bunnies and pretty chocolate eggs. That time when we eat too many and then swear never to eat chocolate again.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


As I’m something of an enabler when it comes to spoiling ones-self and others; and in order to aid with your chocolate consumption and gifting this year, I’ve made up a pretty little Easter bunny milk carton template that you can customise with the names of both the gifter and giftee… or you could just fill in your name in both spaces.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


It’s quite simple and subtle, so it will allow your gorgeous gift inside to take centre stage.

To customise it, just open in Adobe Acrobat or Reader, fill in the fields in the form and print it off.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


Or simply print it off if you want them left blank.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


The finished box is 9cm wide x 9cm deep x 13 cm high


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


It’s as simple as printing it out on A3 card stock, cutting it out, scoring along the dotted lines and folding.

Update: I’ve had a question about ‘card stock’. Sorry, I should have been clearer. Just print it out on the thickest card you can get through your printer. Anything about 160 gsm should work well.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


Then use double-sided tape or paper glue to stick it together and you’ll have a super cute little box in a jiffy.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons
Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


In the interest of full disclosure, the inspiration for this little design came from one of my favourite outfits for Munchkin. We bought it in Australia. It’s this beautiful little jumpsuit by Oeuf NYC. I love it so much I’ve plans to buy it in more colours and larger sizes so that she can wear them for as long as possible.


My templates and tutorials are free for personal use only

Munchkin - Nicola Pravato




Crochet Cherry Pattern


Crochet Cherry

One of my all time favourite wardrobe items is a silk and cashmere cardigan by Alana Hill that I’ve owned for about 7 years (bought when Alana Hill still made luxurious garments and not the disappointing polyester items you find now). I’ve worn it until it’s almost falling apart. My favourite part of it? It’s covered in crochet cherries! A few years ago I decided another of my cardigans needed cherries and so created a few crochet cherry brooches. I sold a few of them on Etsy and then started to teach myself letterpress, and so the brooches were put to the side. But today I decided that one of Munchkin’s onesie/ bodysuit needed a little decoration and pulled out one of my brooches. I’ve re-worked the pattern and I’ve decided to share it with you. They’re quick to do and look fabulous as brooches, sewn onto clothing, glued onto cards… the options are endless. Never crochet before? No problem, go to the end of this post for a list of video tutorials and links you can use to teach yourself the stitches you need to make this project. All that’s required is a 2.5 mm crochet hook and some thread.  

Crochet Cherry

Crochet Cherry Pattern

In the colour you have selected for the Cherry (I used DMC 351 Embroidery thread as I needed such a little bit of thread for this project, I love the colour and it’s beautifully soft) and using a 2.5mm crochet hook create a ‘Magic Ring’. ch 3 and tr 17 into the Magic Ring. Pull the Magic ring tight and join to third ch using the Invisible Fasten Off Method.  

Crochet Cherry
Crochet Cherry

  Repeat to create two cherries. In the colour you have selected for the Stems and Leaves (I used DMC 966 Embroidery thread) and using a 2.5 mm crochet hook; ch 17. hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next ch, dc into next 2 ch, tr in next ch, dc into next 2 ch, hdc into next ch, sl st into next ch, hdc in next ch, dc into next 2 ch, tr in next ch, dc into next 2 ch, hdc into last ch, ch 2 and turn work to start work on reverse side of chain. hdc in next ch, dc into next 2 ch, tr in next ch, dc into next 2 ch, hdc into next ch, sl st into next ch, hdc in next ch, dc into next 2 ch, tr in next ch, dc into next 2 ch, hdc into last ch, ch 1, join to 1st chain using the Invisible Fasten Off Method. In the colour for the Stems and Leaves, join to cherry, ch 5, connect to sl st (the center of the leaves)  with a sl st and fasten off. Repeat with 2nd cherry. Use the remaining thread from the stems to stitch a center ‘vein’ through the chain in the middle of the leaves.  

Crochet Cherry

  Now you’re ready to sew it on to whatever garment you’d like. I used a single thread of the matching DMC Embroidery thread to stitch my cherries to this cute onesie/ bodysuit from The White Company  

Crochet Cherry
New to crochet?

Here are a whole heap of tutorials and videos for you to use to create this project: Magic Ring hdc (half double crochet) dc (double crochet) sl st (slip stitch) tr (treble or triple crochet) Invisible Fasten Off Method

Crochet Cherry

My templates and tutorials are free for personal use only.


A Robot Advent – Pre-printed & Cut

Love the template and tutorial on the previous post but don’t have a lot of time to do all the cutting and scoring?

I’ve a few extra sets of this Little Mr Robot Advent calendar for sale. You receive 24 numbered bodies and 24 heads, pre cut and pre-scored!

All you have to do is fold them, apply glue or double sided tape and add the presents.

I’m selling them for 40 chf (43 US$) inclusive of postage! If you’d like a set just click here add your payment and shipping information and I’ll have them shipped off to you within 2 – 3 working days. Read more

DIY Advent Calendar Atelier (Lausanne)

A quick message for all of you lovely Lausannois!

I’m running three ateliers (a minimum of 2 and a maximum 5 people at each):
On Friday the 23rd of November at 2:30pm to 4:30pm.
On Saturday the 24th at 3:00pm to 5:00pm
And on the 24th at 10:00am to 12:00pm for children with help/ supervision from their parents.

They’re held in English as my conversational french is not great and would mean you’d be frustrated and we’d still be there 5 hours later ;)

For 50chf you get a pre-cut template and access to all the required materials for you to assemble your calendar. As well as access to art supplies (paints, pastels, pencils etc) for you to decorate it and 24 chocolates to put in your calendar (or to eat if you’ve got other little gifts in mind!).

Afternoon tea is also provided.I’ll be there to help you put them together and to provide aid wherever needed.If you’re interested, please contact me via email at info@nexttonicx.com or via the contact form on this site.

Information about the atelier for children (with parental supervision and assistance provided). 
The bottom tray and inserts are already assembled. This means the children get to decorate the top and sides of their calendar and to fill them with their choice of chocolate/ lollies. I’ll do the final steps so that they depart with a complete calendar

Ampersands+Embroidery = Nerdy Joy

I’d intended to do this project whilst we were on holidays. I know, I know… the best laid plans of mice and men. My plans went awry the moment I received the latest Frankie magazine in the mail the day before I was to depart.

I ended up spending all the time I’d intended to do embroidery, reading, painting my nails and reading some more!

But ultimately it worked out for the best as both Husband and I came home with the flu and this gave me something to do whilst I was moping on the couch!

I’m quite happy with the final result. What do you think?

Ampersand embroidery

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