DIY Easter Crafts

Things are still pretty busy around here. I’m working my way through a list of things to cancel, organise, replace, repair, throw out, donate etc. Our move dates are set and it feels like all the todo lists has become do now lists! I’ve been working on the blogs in my spare minutes (Munchkin et moi received an bit of an update).

And all of a sudden Easter is almost here! I’m planning a little Easter tea party for Munchkin and one of her friends next week, but that’s the limit so far this year.

We’re staying in Lausanne for Easter (with maybe a little day trip to Lyon) as life has become a bit too hectic for a trip to London right at the minute. DM has so much on I’m trying to avoid adding too much to the todo list or I’m worried he’ll wear himself out before we even leave.

I really want to find time to make some more eggs to add to our collection this year. Here’s some inspiration I’ve found! And some of my Easter crafts from earlier years.


This video tutorial from Inkstruck is fantastic and has me wanting to try watercolour Easter eggs.



I adore the simplicity of these eggs. Using just a permanent marker and a healthy dose of creativity Hello Lidy creates these gorgeous Scandinavian inspired designs.


This fun project is from Mr Printables. It’d be great to do with your kids!



These eggs were dipped and then decorated with a sharpie by Confetti Sunshine. Such a sweet idea!



Bouffant eggs?! These retro styled Easter treats are such fun! Created by Studio DIY Read more

Happy Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


It’s that time of the year! That time when Spring arrives and all the shelves in every store are full of chocolate bunnies and pretty chocolate eggs. That time when we eat too many and then swear never to eat chocolate again.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


As I’m something of an enabler when it comes to spoiling ones-self and others; and in order to aid with your chocolate consumption and gifting this year, I’ve made up a pretty little Easter bunny milk carton template that you can customise with the names of both the gifter and giftee… or you could just fill in your name in both spaces.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


It’s quite simple and subtle, so it will allow your gorgeous gift inside to take centre stage.

To customise it, just open in Adobe Acrobat or Reader, fill in the fields in the form and print it off.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


Or simply print it off if you want them left blank.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


The finished box is 9cm wide x 9cm deep x 13 cm high


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


It’s as simple as printing it out on A3 card stock, cutting it out, scoring along the dotted lines and folding.

Update: I’ve had a question about ‘card stock’. Sorry, I should have been clearer. Just print it out on the thickest card you can get through your printer. Anything about 160 gsm should work well.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


Then use double-sided tape or paper glue to stick it together and you’ll have a super cute little box in a jiffy.


Easter Bunny Milk Cartons
Easter Bunny Milk Cartons


In the interest of full disclosure, the inspiration for this little design came from one of my favourite outfits for Munchkin. We bought it in Australia. It’s this beautiful little jumpsuit by Oeuf NYC. I love it so much I’ve plans to buy it in more colours and larger sizes so that she can wear them for as long as possible.


My templates and tutorials are free for personal use only

Munchkin - Nicola Pravato




Easter Eggs

Due to illness and lethargy, I’ve not made any eggs this year. But for the many of you who have found next to nicx over the last few months, I thought I’d share some of the eggs I made last year.

They were very easy.

I made stencils out of sticky backed plastic on my plotter cutter (but you could easily use store bought stickers).
I then carefully applied them to the blown and cleaned eggs.
Painting the eggs and over the stencils with matt acrylic paint.
When the paint had dried, I run a scalpel along the edges of the stencil to make sure the edges were nice and clean.
Very carefully removing the stencil and then cleaning up some of the messier lines with a scalpel (you can etch into the egg slightly).
I then ran ribbon and a bead through the holes in the top and bottom of the blown eggs for hanging.

I was really happy with how they turned out.

Here’s the Star Wars egg I made for my husband. I hope eventually to have made him an army ;)


I hope you’re all having a wonderful Easter weekend!


Origami Easter Bunny Basket

Origami Easter Bunny Basket


It’s been a tough couple of months. Pregnancy for me has been a bit of a trial. It’s meant that I’ve been unable to do much more than vegetate on the couch. There is now a Nicola shaped impression permanently pressed into the couch cushions. But I’ve just ticked over to 14 weeks and the nausea and chronic illness have started to abate. I’m now able to eat small meals and my energy levels have slowly increased. The munchkin is in good health and according to the ultrasounds he/she is having a fabulous time doing somersaults and jazz hands, not affected by my lethargy at all! All of which have made me happy.

But something that truly made my day on Tuesday was opening my post box parcel shelf to discover this gorgeous little Easter gift! My friend Sandra had made my husband and I an origami easter bunny basket and filled it with delicious little chocolate Easter eggs! It was such a sweet little gift to leave and positively made my day!

I did a bit of googling and found a fabulous video tutorial that shows you how to make them, so you can have a go at making them too. It’s the wonderful work of Leyla Torres. Enjoy!