Fabulous finds for Munchkin #2


Marèse and The White Company


I can’t help it. I’m sorry. I’ve just got to share the cute little things I’ve bought and made for Munchkin. I promise to continue to make items and to post threads that are not baby-centric but at the moment I’m 32 weeks pregnant, I’m struggling to touch my toes and my brain is baby-fied (or ‘baby-fried’ depending on the day). I can think about little more than getting all of the equipment, buying the right clothes for her pending arrival, bearing jabs to the ribs (she’s certainly getting strong!) and trying to keep cool in the Summer heat wave we’ve been experiencing here in Switzerland.

We’ve organised her cradle; she’ll be sleeping in a Leander cradle in our room for the first few months and then, in the new year, will move into the nursery into a Leander Bed that should do her until she’s about 7 years old. We’ve not ordered the bed yet, but as we won’t need it until January we’re not panicking about it. And I’ve made a fair dint in the clothing requirements, so at least she’ll have something to wear in the first few weeks and months!


Marèse and The White Company


The little outfit in the photo’s is her coming home outfit. The stunningly simple but luxuriously soft cotton onesie/ bodysuit is by The Little White Company. They had a fabulous sale on a few weeks ago and so we stocked up on some basics and some Summer clothing for Munchkins trip to Australia at Christmas. And the little cardigan and matching hat are made by Marèse. I picked them up on sale at a gorgeous little boutique in Thonon-les-Bains called Le Secret d’Alice. Made out of cotton, bamboo and silk they’re so soft! I was exceedingly tempted by the little cloud bodysuit they had but decided that even though my husband and I have issues with the ‘dress little girls in pink and boys in blue’ rules that seem to be the norm here, I couldn’t resist putting her in a coral outfit to bring her home.

I’ve now just got to make some matching booties.


Marèse and The White Company


This week we’re going on an eye-wateringly expensive shopping trip for the looooong list of items that seem to be required for Munchkin (DM has already noted that this is probably the first of many, just wait until she demands a pony! ;)). We were spurred to get our derrières in gear last week, when the doctor delivering Munchkin advised that it’s likely she may arrive early due to her size.

Whilst Munchkin is currently only tiny, the amount of equipment she needs feels like it could fill an aircraft hanger! We’ve decided to do all the basics and to worry about decorating the nursery later. Mainly because I’ve been unable to decide what to do, what I have decided on isn’t going to happen in this heat, and we’ve a little time up our sleeves as Munchkin wont be using the room regularly until January.


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Making a herb terrarium



DM and I love fresh herbs. We buy some almost every week from the grocery store, even in Winter, when they’re stupidly expensive and turn into green slime almost quicker than we can get them home. So we decided to attempt a terrarium filled with a few of our favourites to be kept inside. We live in a Minergie rated apartment in Lausanne, meaning that it has fabulous insulation and under-floor heating and so stays a fairly constant temperature indoors all year round. That should give us half a chance of keeping them alive!

This is what I’ve created! We’re hoping to get it happily settled so that we can keep it going through the Winter months. Here is how I did it… Read more

In Print…

Inside Out Magazine


I’m really honoured to be included in the latest issue of Inside Out Magazine. Inside Out Magazine was one of my regular reads when I lived in Australia. So to find myself featured in their ‘6 blogs to bookmark’ section held even more excitement!


Image via http://instagram.com/p/ab_SRNgnjZ/
Image via http://instagram.com/p/ab_SRNgnjZ/


I’ve since found out it is now possible to subscribe online to the magazine via Zinio. Why not check them out for a monthly dose of design and interiors goodness?


Image from http://instagram.com/p/aZvySagnh_/
Image from http://instagram.com/p/aZvySagnh_/


Repurposed scarf + Ikea = Knitted Lampshade

I’ve had this lamp base for years. Originally it had a tiny square lampshade perched on top that both my husband and I detested. It was completely the wrong size, colour and shape for the base, but we liked the base and had yet to find a new lampshade we wanted; so it stayed as it was.

However, this meant that we weren’t overly unhappy when the shade became one of the few casualties of our international relocation. But as I’d still not found a shade I liked, we grabbed a JÄRA shade from Ikea.
Not ideal, but it’d do.

Read more

A luxurious long weekend. Day one; Chambéry.

I kept pinching myself this weekend. It hurts. So it must be real.

The Parents-in-law (from hereon in described as Mil and Fil) have been enjoying their retirement and have used our relocation to Switzerland as an excuse to visit Europe. This time Fil was swimming in the Fina World Masters Championships in Riccione and they’ve tacked a trip through France and Italy onto it.

We decided to go and meet them in the South of France in Aix-en-Provence for a weekend whilst on their travels. They’ll be at our place in a little over 2 weeks but ever since they landed in Europe we’ve been fighting our desire to go and see them. Both of us were really eager to see Mil and Fil as we love their company and I was desperate to get back down to the South of France as I adore it there and Husband, he had an ulterior motive too… Read more