Letterpress gift tags & giveaway

One of my friends saw this quote written on a gift tag some time ago and fell in love with it. But was not so in love with the pink puppy dog that was included below the quote. This lead to the request for me to reinterpret it!

As we have oft discussed that when it comes to European wines I am completely obtuse and pick the bottle by how fabulous the label is; I felt it was quite apt and printed off a few extra to attach to bottles I’m unsure of!

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Birth announcements

My latest project is residing at it’s new home! Ready for personalisation and shipping off to 50 new homes.

Letterpress printed on 100% cotton, Zerkall, mould made paper (additional ones were printed on 400gsm white card), and encased in handmade envelopes made out of 1930’s vintage dictionary paper.

Addresses and personalised stamps were printed on Canson Fine Art Inkjet Paper and attached with careful application of double sided tape.

Simple but oh so sweet, these birth announcements were truly a joy to make.

Letterpress monogram commission

Some of my recent work. I forgot to post this last week.

For this project I created a monogram with the clients specified font (Papyrus) and letterpress printed it in transparent ink on GMUND 100% cotton, in gentleman blue colour. I also printed the monogram onto the reverse of the matching envelopes and lined them in yet more GMUND cotton.

They turned out beautifully and look and feel so very luxurious! They should be a joy to write on.

What I was doing in Oxford.

As you know I’ve fallen in love with letterpress. I own my own small Adana press, a small amount of type and a photopolymer platemaker that allows me to make up my own printing plates. But I’m very limited in scope due to the size of the press. I was desperate to get my hands on some larger equipment to see if I liked it just as much.

This is where the fabulous Mr Richard Lawrence came in. This lovely gentleman lives in Oxford and through the St Bride Foundation I’d been able to set up 2 days with him in his workshop.

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