Gluten-free in and around Lausanne



Hello all! Just a quick heads up. If you don’t live in (or have an intention to visit) Lausanne in Switzerland and have an intolerance to gluten this post is probably not going to be of any interest to you. So maybe go grab a coffee and I’ll see you soon! I’ve a cook cake box tutorial I’ll post just as soon as I can.

However if you do live in Canton Vaud and are intolerant to gluten, or have a loved one who is… this may be of interest.

One of the most common email requests I’ve been getting is from lovely ladies and gents in Lausanne asking where to find gluten-free products. I’ve sent out an email list of my favourite places more times than I can count! So I’ve decided to post it here on the blog.



Cafe Sonja

Quite possibly the best gluten-free cakes, tarts, biscuits, chocolate eclairs and quiches I have ever had. The tea room is fabulous and their biscuits are now being stocked in Globus in Lausanne. In Winter, their hot chocolate is by far and away the most delicious and decadent experience I’ve had in Switzerland. And that’s saying something coming from a country where the main dish is steaming bowls of rich, hot cheese followed by double cream smothered meringues for dessert!



Laurent et Magalie

This recently opened health food store has a great selection of GF foods and cake/ biscuit mixes. Whilst not cheap, their Marlette cake mixes are the only ones I’ll use. They’re organic and delicious. They also stock Sonja-Sante breads and cookies. So definitely worth visiting if you’re in the neighbourhood.

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The Lavaux Vineyards

What do you think about when you think ‘Switzerland’?

Skiing? Rolling green hills with cows wearing large cow bells? Cheese? Chocolate? Alps? Watches? Banking secrecy? Tax evasion? Sweden? You’d be shocked how many people confuse Switzerland with Sweden.

But unless you’re a wine buff or have lived in Switzerland, I’m pretty sure you didn’t think vineyards and winemaking did you? Take a look at these (click on the photo’s to have them expand)

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A fun day cycling from Ouchy to St.Sulpice and back again.

It’s summer, which generally means an influx of visitors if you’re an expat. This year we had the in-laws here for two weeks. Husband took a weeks worth of annual leave off so we could spend some time together and it fell to me to find things for us to do. One of the outings we took was a bike trip from Ouchy to St Sulpice.

You can get day-passes from the Lausanne Roule bike hire scheme for 7chf per day, per person. Once you’ve purchased your day pass from one of the sale points in Lausanne you  can access the many bike stations located in and around Lausanne. A quick swipe of your pass card, a hefty pull to get the bike out and you’re off! After returning the bike at the end of the day, you post the pass back to them in a prepaid envelope.

If you own an iPhone, you may want to download the ‘Velopass’ app, it tells you the number of bikes and free stations available and is very handy if you’re looking for somewhere to return your bike at the end of the day.

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An eventful Swiss Day!

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Switzerland. This is as it was Switzerland Day, something we’ve discovered is celebrated in much the same manner as we celebrate Australia Day. There’s a BBQ, sunbathing, swimming and beverages containing alcohol. Oh and fireworks, there’s lots of fireworks!

We’ve not been around for previous Switzerland Days. We’ve generally used the public holiday as an excuse to travel internationally. But this year it turned out to be the day that my mother and father in law left to go back to Australia. So we decided to celebrate ‘traditionally’.

I’d made some Smoked Trout and Creamed Goats Cheese Mousse (recipe to come tomorrow!) that I served with rice crackers and chopped cucumber rounds and grabbed a bottle of champagne leftover from our cocktail party a couple of weeks ago along with the traditional BBQ requirements and our gorgeous friend Miss S picked us up to take us to the lakeside. Read more