High Tea at Miyuko in Zurich


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I found out about Miyuko a few weeks ago and immediately made plans to get to Zurich! Booking in for High Tea with a few other Lausannois ladies and crossing my fingers that my pregnancy induced illness would abate in time for me to enjoy the train trip and fabulous food. Thankfully it seems to be getting much better. We had a splendid day. I’m absolutely exhausted, but it was well and truly worth it.

Miyuko Zurich

Miyuko is the creation of a graphic designer, chocolatier, cake decorator and fan of all things Japanese called Sara Hochuli. It’s located just 10 minutes easy walk from Zürich Hauptbahnhof.

I immediately fell in lust with the place. And not just because they do a gluten-free High Tea (they also cater to vegans and the lactose intolerant), but also because it was a fabulous mix of a traditional European cafe with a hefty dose of all things kawaii and the attention to detail is fabulous!

Miyuko Zurich

Everything from the lampshades to the crochet coasters has been ‘Miyuko-ised’. The ribbons, cushions and even menus have all received care and attention. And not in a slap, dash, ‘just whack our logo on it’ style. Each item in the café has been crafted and curated with an eye to detail. It made the perfectionist in me do a happy dance! The food is no different, the presentation is impeccable and creative.

Miyuko Zurich

We spent three and a half hours there in total and struggled to finish the food. The High Tea includes 3 different types of tea. I started with a Darjeeling, then moved on to a chinese tea ball and finally finished with a delicious ginger and lemon tea.

Miyuko Zurich

And the High Tea menu contains no less than a small quiche, sandwiches, antipasti, chutney, fresh fruit, plain and chocolate chip scones with jams and cream, cake and macarons arranged artfully on a gorgeous three-tiered cake stand (I suggest you don’t eat lunch beforehand, you won’t need it!).

They also make glorious cake creations. I’m already dreaming about my next birthday cake and plotting so that I won’t have to make it myself!

Miyuko Zurich

The café is not large and was full the entire time we were there (mid afternoon, mid week) so make sure you make a reservation. They’re completely booked out on weekends weeks in advance and have a cancellation policy in place. English for placing reservations via email was not a problem and the waitress we had was fluent in English, lovely and patient with us (none of us spoke any more than rudimentary German).

Miyuko Zurich

For more information find the Miyuko website here

Eating Gluten Free in San Francisco & Palo Alto


I’ve just returned from 10 days wandering around San Francisco and Palo Alto. My husband had to go for a week of work so we tacked the two weekends on either side, booked me a ticket and voilà!

Food-wise, trips to America always make me nervous. Uncertainty about sauces, if certain foods contain hidden gluten etc. makes eating out a little more stressful. But some of the places we ate made eating out a breeze! They marked their menu’s, or were entirely gluten-free! So I thought I’d share them with you  just in case you’re in SF or Palo Alto and don’t or can’t eat gluten.

The Plant Cafe- Embarcadero


Plant cafe embacadero

With a lovely patio area (and those lovely radiant heaters for the slightly chillier days), The Plant Cafe was a fabulous find by my friend Phaedra. Their menu very clearly states what meals are gluten free and there is an option for a gluten-free pizza base. The huevos rancheros are fabulous! Read more

Sham el Sheikh, I love you

We’re back from our vacation to Egypt. We had an amazing time!

My husband and I both adore the heat and so the consistent 37 degrees each day was blissful. It helped of course that we didn’t have to do much!

We spent 8 days eating the fabulous food on offer, drinking (you must ensure you’re sufficiently hydrated!), reclining by the beach and pool, swimming in the Red Sea and looking at the glorious coral and stunning fish whilst snorkelling.

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The Sunday before our trip to Australia. Our lovely friend Sandra took us to Schilthorn. It was AMAZING!

Husband and I are not overly active types. I detest the cold (two knee reconstructions when I was 16 have left me with an ache that lasts most of the winter months) and I have had firm words from my current doctor about not throwing myself down mountains attached to pieces of wood. And Husband has had two broken ankles. So we’re not really poster children for the whole winter sports thing. We’re much more ‘lets go cycling or doing laps in a pool’ kind of people. Or as it’s seemed since we arrived in Switzerland; ‘let’s hibernate and pretend the cold outside doesn’t exist’ kind of people.

I did look at heading into the mountains for an ogle. But when looking at the timetables and seeing 1 bus, 3 trains and a couple of cable cars to go one way, I freaked and stuck my nose back in my book whilst munching on cake. Or promptly planned a trip to Paris.

It didn’t help that everyone kept talking about ‘Hiking’ which immediately brought to mind special equipment, frostbite, having to eat the sled dogs and Mount Everest. My husband and I love ‘walking’ but ‘hiking’ sounded sadistic! This is where fabulous friends come in, Sandra persisted and took us to Schilthorn and on a light hike. And we’re hooked. Check out the pictures and you’ll see why.

Who knew it?! Hiking IS walking! ;)

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Fabulous finds in Barcelona.

We had a relatively low-key weekend as we’d both been to Barcelona before and had done a lot of the tourist ‘must do’s’ last time. This time we both desperately wanted some sun, relaxation and good food. These are the best bits and fabulous finds on our weekend!

Perfect Paella

On the Sunday we took a bike ride (hire details below) and stumbled across Xiringuito Escriba and decided we needed a lunch break. This fabulous beachfront restaurant has a partially open kitchen where you can see your paella being made and a wonderfully relaxed feel. It’s perfect for a celiac or gluten intolerant person as there are loads of salads, paella and grilled seafood options. Whilst it’s not cheap, it’s relaxing, the food is fabulous and the service we received was very friendly. We managed to get in without a booking, though I’d suggest making one (you can do so online) as they got very busy towards the latter part of the afternoon!

Our delicious shared entrée of brûléed goats cheese on apple, served with honey, rocket, raisins and walnuts Read more