Wandering around Amsterdam

We wandered past this restaurant on our travels today. We’ve spent the day walking the streets of Amsterdam, it’s one of our favourite things to do and perfect way to get a good feeling for a city.

But this place caught my eye and my imagination. Unfortunately we couldn’t get in for dinner tonight as it’s booked out. But you arrive, cook your meal with the aid of a professional chef and then eat what you’ve just cooked. They even teach cake decorating! What a wonderful way to spend an evening (unless you’re one of those unfortunates who can burn water).

String gardens in Amsterdam

Whilst wandering aimlessly through Amsterdam over Christmas we stumbled upon these gorgeous string gardens in the window of a florist. They captured my imagination and I have been pondering fairly continuously about how to make them and maintain them (I don’t want to be responsible for murdering vegetation). Wondrously Frankie blogged about the designer responsible for these gorgeous pieces of floating forestry. I am now waiting with baited breath to find out if we’re staying in Switzerland for a while as I desperately want to own one (or twelve)!