Fabulous finds in Barcelona.

We had a relatively low-key weekend as we’d both been to Barcelona before and had done a lot of the tourist ‘must do’s’ last time. This time we both desperately wanted some sun, relaxation and good food. These are the best bits and fabulous finds on our weekend!

Perfect Paella

On the Sunday we took a bike ride (hire details below) and stumbled across Xiringuito Escriba and decided we needed a lunch break. This fabulous beachfront restaurant has a partially open kitchen where you can see your paella being made and a wonderfully relaxed feel. It’s perfect for a celiac or gluten intolerant person as there are loads of salads, paella and grilled seafood options. Whilst it’s not cheap, it’s relaxing, the food is fabulous and the service we received was very friendly. We managed to get in without a booking, though I’d suggest making one (you can do so online) as they got very busy towards the latter part of the afternoon!

Our delicious shared entrée of brûléed goats cheese on apple, served with honey, rocket, raisins and walnuts Read more

Frizzled & fun in Barcelona

I’ve just returned home from 4 nights in Barcelona.

My lovely other half had to attend a work conference there. My discovery that Swiss had flights on sale from Geneva (Hint! They still do!) resulted in me making my way to Barcelona on Thursday. And after some gentle nagging Husband organised to take the Monday off so we could spend the weekend together. It was our second visit to Barcelona, and we were hankering for a couple of days off.

I arrived fairly late Thursday afternoon to find that Barcelona was experiencing a heat wave. So after checking in, I head out to find a very late lunch, walking down Las Ramblas (and spending the remainder of the trip reminding myself to avoid it at all costs) and stumbled across Artisa, they wouldn’t normally rate a mention for any reason other than that I love their lighting BUT they do Sarrasin crepes (Buckwheat to Australians). And so I spent a joyful half  hour devouring a gluten-free crêpe with sheep cheese, caramelised apple and cured ham. You’re paying the tourist tax due to the location but it’s clean and nicely laid out, the food is good and the staff are really friendly and helpful.

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