Munchkin et moi – A Paris weekend

Munchkin et moi - Paris weekend trip


Last weekend Munchkin and I went on an adventure together. DM had a work conference thingy in Budapest and so was away for the week. Munchkin and I decided that it was only fair we had some fun too.

It was the first time I’d travelled with just Munchkin and I. And so after wrapping ourselves in coats, hats, gloves etc that are required in Europe at this time of year, loading myself up with a backpack full of books, pencils, colouring-in books and toys, Munchkin in her MiaMilly Hipster on my front, suitcase in one hand and folded Maclaren stroller in the other, we got onto the TGV Lyria at Lausanne and took ourselves off to Paris!


Munchkin et moi - Paris weekend trip

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Gorgeous Annecy, France.

Is it Sunday?

Are you standing in Lausanne wondering where all the people are?

No, you’re not the only remaining human left on earth after a sneaky alien attack that you appeared to have slept through.

Lausanne, well… most of Switzerland really, can be a ghost town on weekends (although more cafés and bars appear to be remaining open of late). The limited opening hours for shops means that pretty much anyone wanting to sate their desire for shopping or for good restaurant food makes their way to France.

Evian-les-Bains, Yvoire and Thonon-les Bains are absolutely packed with Swiss on Sundays.

If you’re looking for somewhere else to visit, you can join the queues of people at the Swiss/ French border and head to Annecy. Read more

My Chambéry purchase

I’ve been looking at large statement pieces for quite some time now. Ever since I tried on a some pieces by my lovely friend Jen (aka Ruby Browning) and fell in love with her Panoptes collection. I still have a while to wait until I can get my sticky fingers on a Panoptes piece. But today I saw this gorgeous riot of chunky colour, put aside all fears of statements and it promptly became mine!

It’s handmade out of resin by a Brazilian designer called Sobral. I found it in an interesting boutique in Chambéry called Princesse Nubie (3 rue de la Trésorerie, Chambéry, France. 0479253014).

The owner of this sweet store stocks a wide range of gorgeous jewellery and some truly unique pieces (if you’re looking for earings shaped like candy, or for some beautiful resin pieces head here). Not all of it to my taste but I could have quite easily have purchased more. I left having been clearly advised by the owner about how to take care of my new jewellery and carrying it encapsulated in a very pretty cloth bag that the owner made herself.

I couldn’t be happier with it!

We’re going to Gruyères tomorrow and  so I’m now going to put together an outfit that includes my new necklace.

A luxurious long weekend. Days 3 & 4; Aix en Provence

Mil and Fil had rented an appartement in the old part of the city. One with an additional bedroom and so we took advantage of their generous offer to stay with them in Aix.

It was hot! We must have acclimatised to Swiss weather because 32 degrees had us sweltering. The city is in summer festival mode. With music and concerts to be found all through the city. We had a glorious time wandering the streets, shopping, looking at the markets and eating.

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