My Chambéry purchase

I’ve been looking at large statement pieces for quite some time now. Ever since I tried on a some pieces by my lovely friend Jen (aka Ruby Browning) and fell in love with her Panoptes collection. I still have a while to wait until I can get my sticky fingers on a Panoptes piece. But today I saw this gorgeous riot of chunky colour, put aside all fears of statements and it promptly became mine!

It’s handmade out of resin by a Brazilian designer called Sobral. I found it in an interesting boutique in Chambéry called Princesse Nubie (3 rue de la Trésorerie, Chambéry, France. 0479253014).

The owner of this sweet store stocks a wide range of gorgeous jewellery and some truly unique pieces (if you’re looking for earings shaped like candy, or for some beautiful resin pieces head here). Not all of it to my taste but I could have quite easily have purchased more. I left having been clearly advised by the owner about how to take care of my new jewellery and carrying it encapsulated in a very pretty cloth bag that the owner made herself.

I couldn’t be happier with it!

We’re going to Gruyères tomorrow and  so I’m now going to put together an outfit that includes my new necklace.

A luxurious long weekend. Day one; Chambéry.

I kept pinching myself this weekend. It hurts. So it must be real.

The Parents-in-law (from hereon in described as Mil and Fil) have been enjoying their retirement and have used our relocation to Switzerland as an excuse to visit Europe. This time Fil was swimming in the Fina World Masters Championships in Riccione and they’ve tacked a trip through France and Italy onto it.

We decided to go and meet them in the South of France in Aix-en-Provence for a weekend whilst on their travels. They’ll be at our place in a little over 2 weeks but ever since they landed in Europe we’ve been fighting our desire to go and see them. Both of us were really eager to see Mil and Fil as we love their company and I was desperate to get back down to the South of France as I adore it there and Husband, he had an ulterior motive too… Read more