Chocolat Chaud – Hot Chocolate

Chocolat Chaud/ Hot Chocolate

The other day I had a friend visiting from Australia, she managed to arrive just in time for Switzerland to decide that Spring was completely overrated and that it wanted to return to Winter. It rained almost the entire time. And Lausanne, whilst being perfectly lovely to wander around in just about any weather, is terrible when it rains!

So we took ourselves off to Gruyères to have fondue, and then went to the Mason Cailler to do the chocolate tour. After which we ordered a large cup of their hot chocolate and sat down to enjoy. Only to be a little disappointed, as it looked amazing, but didn’t taste anything like the liquid luscious Cailler chocolate we’d hoped.

Chocolat Chaud/ Hot Chocolate

I determined to make my hot chocolate! So today, using Cailler and whole fresh milk from Gruyères, I whipped up a batch of Parisien style hot chocolate. It’s very simple, absolutely decadent and delicious!

Chocolat Chaud/ Hot Chocolate

To make it, you just take 100 grams of your favourite chocolate and chop it into small chunks. I adore Cailler Dark 70% chocolate and so used that.

Then put 400 mls of good quality milk, I used whole milk from Gruyères, into a pot over a moderate heat and warm until it starts to steam, at this point turn the heat down. Do not let it boil or you’ll end up with a horrid skin on the top. Then, tip in the chopped chocolate and whisk until it’s all melted and you have a couple of cups of decadent chocolat chaud.

Chocolat Chaud/ Hot Chocolate

It is delicious when it’s reheated too, just make sure to stir it regularly so that the chocolate doesn’t burn onto the pan, and not to let the milk boil.

Add sugar, vanilla etc if you wish, but I adore mine without.

And that’s a real hot chocolate! Forget the powder… you just need good quality basic ingredients and to add heat.

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