Crochet alphabet baby blanket

Whilst I’m showing you things I made for my nephew…

Here’s a baby blanket I made. I used 100% Australian merino wool so it would be super warm for those days he’d be outside in the cold Victorian winter in Australia (yes, it does get cold there!).

I wanted to make something that could be reused as he got older, possibly as a throw on his bed. And so whilst using a heavy wool meant the blanket was possibly too heavy for a newborn, it will be able to be used often in future! And the bold colour choice rather than pastels meant it wouldn’t date too much in the years to come and would look good in a little boys room

The pattern is by Caron. I downloaded it from here.

Caron have some really pretty patterns! I’m thinking of doing this for over the couch in a grey and white chevron pattern over the winter. Or I might go bold and throw some neon in… What do you think



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