Items I created for our Unbirthday Party

Finally, here are some more of the things I made for our Unbirthday party.

I created a miniature top hat using this kit I bought online. I have quite a stash of fabric from the early 60s in whole pieces and I finally convinced myself to sacrifice a little for this project. I was quite happy with the result!

I also made a pinata out of two giant balloons that I covered in papier mache and then moulded them together with more papier mache to make them nestle inside each-other. I used foam forms used to make wreathes, cutting and shaping them to make the handles.

It turned out that I made the pinata too well! The kids broke the rope holding it and a couple of the thick cardboard tubes whilst attempting to open it. We ended up needing a broom handle and an adult to get inside!

To further include the adults in the festivities; we put pieces of paper tied to random lollies and toys inside. Each piece was numbered and we followed with a draw to see who won a couple of bottles of Moet & Chandon Vintage champagne. This resulted in rather a lot of wheeling and dealing as adults attempted to wrangle pieces of paper from the children desperate to keep hold of their candy!

I also made gluten free ‘EAT ME’ shortbread biscuits with lemon drizzled icing, ricotta coffee cake, home made lemonade, cold brewed ice coffee, earl grey and peppermint iced tea and caramel popcorn balls.

The fabulous Sandra provided some deliciously alcoholic fruit punch and we had wine and beers for the adults. Lots of other snacks, chips etc were bought by our guests.

I decorated the tables with masses of tea cups and flowers in tea pots all purchased from my local opportunity shop and completed the look with paper pompoms that we hung from the tree above us.

It turned out fabulously! Everyone had a glorious time in the sun.

Unfortunately my photographer (husband) had such a wonderful time he forgot to do his job, so I’ve limited images from the day and none of the front of the cake or of the table. This year we’ll take photos before all the guests arrive!

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