Glitter Bow Wrapping

Glitter Bow Wrapping


Christmas is almost upon us! Are you ready for it?

I wrapped the last of my presents today. And thought I’d show you one of my favourites. It’s quick and easy and allows you to really spruce up a present with nothing more than glue, a sharpie and some glitter. It’s perfect for those last minute gifts if you’ve been caught out without wrapping or ribbon.

I started by quickly sketching a bow onto the wrapped present. I then painted the bow with a thick coating of glue and followed by a heavy coating of glitter. I let it all dry for a little and then shook off the extra glitter for use next time.


Glitter Bow Wrapping

To add a little more detail, after the glue had dried, I took a dark brown Sharpie to add contrast and the lines for either side of the bow. It’s not possible to draw on the glitter normally, so I dotted it, occasionally cleaning the nib of the Sharpie if it got coated in glitter.

It’s a really simple, very quick and gorgeously effective way to spruce up a present!



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