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Hello all! Just a quick heads up. If you don’t live in (or have an intention to visit) Lausanne in Switzerland and have an intolerance to gluten this post is probably not going to be of any interest to you. So maybe go grab a coffee and I’ll see you soon! I’ve a cook cake box tutorial I’ll post just as soon as I can.

However if you do live in Canton Vaud and are intolerant to gluten, or have a loved one who is… this may be of interest.

One of the most common email requests I’ve been getting is from lovely ladies and gents in Lausanne asking where to find gluten-free products. I’ve sent out an email list of my favourite places more times than I can count! So I’ve decided to post it here on the blog.



Cafe Sonja

Quite possibly the best gluten-free cakes, tarts, biscuits, chocolate eclairs and quiches I have ever had. The tea room is fabulous and their biscuits are now being stocked in Globus in Lausanne. In Winter, their hot chocolate is by far and away the most delicious and decadent experience I’ve had in Switzerland. And that’s saying something coming from a country where the main dish is steaming bowls of rich, hot cheese followed by double cream smothered meringues for dessert!



Laurent et Magalie

This recently opened health food store has a great selection of GF foods and cake/ biscuit mixes. Whilst not cheap, their Marlette cake mixes are the only ones I’ll use. They’re organic and delicious. They also stock Sonja-Sante breads and cookies. So definitely worth visiting if you’re in the neighbourhood.




The largest and best selection of gluten-free foods I’ve seen in Switzerland. No kidding. There is a whole room! If you want burger buns, ice-cream cones, cake mixes, sauces, pastas etc they have it.


This cupcake store has some gluten-free cupcakes each day and a super sweet tea room. I never manage to leave this store without spending more than I intended. They have a gorgeous collection of jewellery, party goods, cake decorating supplies and home-wares too. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Bubble Cafe

They had gluten-free quiche last time I went in. And free wi-fi. Everything you’ll need for lunch whilst you do a bit of work.

Starbucks often stocks a fair trade, gluten-free brownie, if you’re desperate for a sugar hit to go with your small bucket of coffee. In times of desperation, when a pregnancy craving kicked in and nothing but chocolate cake would cut it, I may have gone in just for the brownie.

Also Coop stocks some of the Schar range (flours, biscuits, cereal and bread), frozen pizzas, Betti Bossi gluten-free fresh pasta and chocolate chip biscuits etc.

The Sunstores also have quite a large range and you can even order online now. The one at Lausanne Gare has a large selection as does the one at Rue du Grand-Pont.

I really hope this helps! Whilst the list is not comprehensive, it is where I get pretty much all of my gluten-free products.

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