Gorgeously different

During our flying trip through London (we always seem to be taking flying trips through London, one day we’ll really have to stay for longer than 3 nights!) on our way back from holidaying in Egypt, we caught up with our newly engaged friends, Jen and Alex.

My husband and I met Jen and Alex in 2007 at the end of their working holiday through India, Asia and Australia when Jen and I were working for the same company for a little while. Then when Jen and Alex found themselves needing accommodation for a few nights before they made their way back to the UK, they stayed with us for a few nights.

Our friendship was cemented over a love of the absurd, tea, cake and Miyazaki films.

Photo of Jennifer Roberts via The Style Scout

Since that time Jen and Alex have gone from strength to strength. My husband and I have watched in awe as Alex has composed for the BBC, the National theatre and film; and Jen has launched the luxury brand Ruby Browning; making a name for herself as a designer and illustrator. They’re two of the most disgustingly talented, lovely people I have the privilege to know.

Photo via Frankie Murray Styling

So whilst toasting the happy couple and their pending nuptials over a glass or four of bubbles on Thursday evening, I was delighted when Jen told me she had a present for me (I can’t wait to return the favour at Christmas).

I was even more excited the following night, to receive this splendiferous piece of handmade magnificence! Isn’t it pretty!?

Handcrafted out of luxurious glove leather and embellished with black Swarovski crystals, it’s from Ruby Browning’s Panatopes collection. I’m a little a lot in love with it.

It, like it’s creator, is gorgeously different, I can’t wait to find the perfect opportunity to wear it. My birthday is coming up and Husband is taking me out for dinner… I may need to buy a pair of shoes to match 😉

To see more of Jen’s work check out her website, Ruby Browning. Her latest collection is on sale at Kabiri. And her Panatopes collection is available from Independent Boutique.

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