Heart Gift Box Template

Heart Shaped Box Template

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here is a free printable gift box for you to make up. Or for any reason actually. It’s sweet packaging for birthdays, anniversaries or any reason you need to give a little gift!

Heart Shaped Box Template

To make them up, you need:

Scissors or an x-acto knife and cutting mat.

Adhesive. I’ve used double-sided tape and a normal pritt glue stick and both work well

Two pieces of A4 card stock per box. I used 200 gsm and it worked splendidly. Print out the PDF template attached below onto your card.
Heart Shaped Box Template

Cut out the template and lightly score along the dotted lines to give yourself a nice crisp edge. A blunt butter knife run does a good job if you do not have a Bone Folder

Fold along all the dotted lines.

Heart Shaped Box Template

This is what it looks like from the front at this point.Heart Shaped Box Template

Then, wrapping the border piece around the heart, use your choice of adhesive to stick the tabs to the heart and opposing border piece as shown.Heart Shaped Box Template

Repeat for the two bottom pieces to create the point on your heart.Heart Shaped Box Template

Do this for both pieces and you’re done! Heart Shaped Box Template

One box is very slightly smaller to allow you to slide one inside the other.Heart Shaped Box Template

I’ve created the box in three colourways. So you can make one or all of them!

Heart Shaped Box Template

Heart Shaped Box Template


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