Heart Pop Up Card

This year Munchkin and I collaborated to create a card for DM. Below is the result. Munchkin directed where she wanted me to draw hearts and with which crayon, then got to embellishing the rest of the card, leaving me to do the final assembly.

It’s a simple design but quite effective and really easy to put together.

Above is the slightly tweaked version you can download templates for. I’ve included both PDF and SVG files, so you can use a cutting machine (like the Silhouette if you have access to one).



To create this project you’ll need 3 pieces of A4 card, an x-acto knife and some glue or double-sided tape.

If you’re collaborating with your Munchkin, I suggest letting them decorate the card stock first.

Print the PDF templates below onto the back of their artwork and cut it out; this way you won’t see the score and cut lines muddying up their artwork.

Or put their finished artwork through your cutting machine. This way your card won’t end up looking like something Frank Gehry created.



To make the card:

Print out the PDF templates onto the card-stock, using a contrasting colour for the borders. Cut out using an x-acto knife or scalpel.

Or using the SVG file, cut out using your cutter.



Score along the dotted lines using a Bone Folder and fold so that the geometric heart pops out as shown above.


Geometric Heart PopUp CardP1110912

Glue the border colour on as shown above. Making sure to attach the outside border piece to the closed card. This means you won’t have issues closing the card later.



Glue on the backing card as you did the border. In two sections, ensuring that the final section is glued with the card closed.  And you’re finished!


The PDF file and .SVG file are available from the link below.

This will take you to a Dropbox file where you can download both files.

Download T&Cs

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