Tutus on statues project

I can finally explain to you all why I’ve been maintaining radio silence over the past few weeks! I had an unexpected opportunity to do some work for the Prix de Lausanne that drew on all my creativity. It turned out to be the creation of enormous tutus for 11 statues all around the city. They all went up at 4am this morning. If you have a chance, go have a look, they’ll only be up for 12 hours or so!

 Two teams of us spent a couple of hours installing them in the cold and dark this morning. I also made a large pair of ballet slippers to put on one of the more precious statues.

But now I’m off to check my work in the light of day. And to walk of 7 hours off caffeine consumption before I crash.

 À bientôt!

 P.S- We made it into the local papers website too, check out the images here

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