I haven’t forgotten you!

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I haven’t forgotten you lovely readers! Even though from outward appearances it appears I’ve abandoned the blog, I haven’t! Life has just conspired against me and I’ve had no time to sit and make.

We spent last week in the Bay Area just near San Francisco researching the areas we want to move to. We’ve now decided where we’d like to live and just have to find a house!

I hit another hiccup in that my old computer has officially reached a stage wherein I cannot use my Adobe Creative Suite (or even open my emails) without it slowing down to a glacial pace. I desperately need a new one. But it doesn’t make sense to buy one until after we’ve relocated to the US, where they are substantially cheaper.

I tried loading up the new Adobe creative suite onto DM’s laptop, but discovered that I have to commit to a year or pay over 100 chf per month in subscription fees! Which is definitely out of the question at present.

Frustratingly, I’ve at least three almost complete projects stuck on my computer. I’ve a couple of recipes I can post but none of the paper art, templates or tutorials.

On a personal level, this probably isn’t a bad thing, as it will allow me to continue to focus on our family and helping Munchkin adapt and cope with the big changes we’re experiencing.

Little girl looking over lake Lehman

As Munchkin is now twenty months old, she’s a handful who loves “helping”! My life now consists of trying to knock things off my to-do list whilst making sure that Munchkin doesn’t kindly unpack the dirty cutlery from the dishwasher into the drawer full of clean plates (again). Or pull all the neatly filed paperwork I had sorted on the dining room table onto the floor (again). Or put my socks, my wallet and her sippy cup into the recycling bin (again).  All whilst still making time to take her to the park to wave (and then run away from) the cute puppies.

The day and a half she goes to garderie (day care) per week are now full with me frantically trying to do as much move preparation as possible. The contents of our house go into a huge container and start their journey to the United States in nine days. We leave Switzerland in just fifteen! At present I’m attempting to de-clutter, give away, or sell as much as I can before we go.

Parents kissing toddler

Immediately after leaving Switzerland, we’re taking a much needed vacation, where I must be honest, I plan on keeping offline as much as possible. With the aim that we get to our new (temporary) residence in late July refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to start our new adventure! Fingers crossed we find a great new home quickly!

From the blog perspective, I’m sorry. I really miss the making and regular blogging. But as, at present, I’ve no commercial affiliations, I feel my family life takes precedence.

If you want to keep up with the random bits and bobs and our move, you can find my frequent ramblings on Instagram and Facebook.

And I look forward to sharing some fun projects with you when we arrive in the Bay Area next month!

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