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So in the midst of our move to California, something really cool happened. And in the resulting chaos, I took enough time to do a quick happy dance, posted it on social media and continued running around like a toddler who ate too much sugar – LOTS of enthusiasm, not much progress.

I completely forgot to blog about it!

In my defense, I was trying to unpack us and do the mass of menial things that seem to take forever in a new country; like find the tomato paste in the grocery store. After two laps around the store I asked for help. It was right in front of me (as it always is!), just packaged differently. In Lausanne it comes in something resembling a toothpaste tube, here it’s in cute little cans.

So belatedly, here is my exciting news.

My crochet cherry project was featured in the Mollie Makes Crochet special!

Mollie Makes Crochet Magazine

It’s a fabulous collection of cute and cool crochet projects. Some really simple to make and perfect for the beginner (like my crochet cherry).Crochet cherry on bobbin

It’s still available on the Mollie Makes site, as well as on the Zinio App and the Apple Newsstand.

Crochet Cherry on ribbon bobbin

I’ve decided to give a copy of the magazine away to one of my lovely readers. If you’d like a copy, just leave me a note in the comments below. I’ll pick one at random on the 9th of October at 12:30 pm PTD and contact the winner for their mailing address.


  • Susan Samuel says:

    I have never bought a crochet book before as I have never seemed to be able to crochet. I don’t know if it is because I am left handed and maybe not turning the wool the correct way round the hook but when frustration takes control look out anyone in the vacinity something is flying through. I have no difficulty knitting as a right hander but not the crochet. I do so love your cherry though. Maybe I should try with one of these again.

    • next to nicx says:

      Hi Susan,

      As only two of you commented, I’ll send you both a copy of the magazine 🙂
      Email me your address at info(at) and I’ll have it sent to you next week

      Have a great weekend!

  • Helen says:

    This mag is hard to find in NZ as I live a little way out of the main shopping areas they may stock it.

  • mrs robinson says:

    I must have bookmarked your blog to read sometime ago, and have finally found myself here! Probably after making a happy cherry brooch following your pattern in a Mollie Makes. The cherries are attached to a crochet string bag and make me smile… so thank you!

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