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Cupcake Heaven Spring 2013


I opened my letterbox yesterday and did a little jig on the spot. Even the subsequent trip to the print shop, where I had to deal with the staff who have successfully avoided ever being friendly or helpful in the two years I’ve gone to them for my printing needs, couldn’t dampen my spirits. Giving the grumpy assistant a big grin and cheerful ‘au revoir’ as I left the store seemed to only deepen her scowl.

But what did that matter to me?! I’m in print!

I know that in instances like this I’m supposed to play it cool and to calmly share my news whilst pretending it doesn’t matter and that I don’t care about it in the slightest. But I’ve discovered it’s loads more fun to grin like a toddler who has just been given a lolly pop bigger than my head and to dance (privately I should note) around the dining room in a manner that would lead you to assume the toddler had managed to consume the entire lolly pop and was experiencing a sugar induced fit.

My recipe for Gluten free chocolate cupcakes with fleur de sel Swiss meringue chocolate buttercream and photography has been included in the latest issue of Cupcake Heaven Magazine! I’ve been told it’s also out there in the Danish, German and Dutch editions of the magazine. Oh and it’s available for download via their iPad app.

I’ve a craving for cake…

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  • Geo says:

    That is wonderful! I’ve been looking for gluten free baked goods since my friend found out she was allergic to gluten, but finding ingredients (such as guar gum) is proving to be difficult!

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