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A couple of months ago I was wondering through the stationery department of Globus in Lausanne looking for a cute card for a friend when I stumbled upon some of these gorgeous and fabulously unique bags made by Korean brand PaPerish

I instantly fell in love with their Daily Bag. I’ve been carrying it around for almost 2 months and use it to lug my makeup and swimming things to the pool a few times per week. It’s gathered quite a few extra ‘character marks’ in that time but it still looks great and is working fabulously.

You’d think that a paper bag wouldn’t be able to stand up to the task, but this is where Paperish have been very clever! They’ve lined their paper bags in beautiful cotton fabrics and the paper itself appears to have something of a protective coating as it certainly didn’t melt when I got rained on the other day. It even has inside pockets so that you can tuck your keys away and actually be able to find them, rather than upending my entire bag on the doorstep as I’ve had to on occasion with my other totes.


A number of friends expressed a desire for one and I wanted to buy another as a gift, but when I went back to Globus they’d completely sold out. And when I went to look them up online I discovered just how many of their other beautiful products I covet! Gift tags, storage containers, different bags…. I want them all!

So if you come across more of these bags can you let me know? Else I think I’ll just have to try and place an order from one of their online distributors. Does anyone speak Korean? :)


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did globus, lausanne called globus, zurich for you? Maybe they have the bags for you. Hope you find them.

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