Every little girl turning 3 years old should have a mouse cake

I’ve created more cakes in the last 2 weeks than I have in the previous 4 years! But it seems I haven’t lost my touch completely.

Meriel, the lovely lady I held a baby shower for last Sunday, requested I make a birthday cake for her daughter when she saw a cake I made in August for an un-birthday party my husband and I held.

She knew straight away what she wanted. 3 little mice tucked up in a bed with room behind the pillows for three candles.

So I got to work and created this. Again, it’s a gluten free, white chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and decorated with modelling chocolate.

I’m taking a rest from cake making now. Tomorrow I’m moving onto new blog creation. But today I’m going to head out for a celebratory lunch! It’s been quite a fabulous week.

Have a wonderful weekend all.


Note: Sasha (aka Liberty London Girl) kindly asked me to write a guest blog about this cake. You can see the blog here 




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