Knitting for Munchkin #1

I’ve found myself at a crossroads with the nursery. I just can’t go forward any further with my ideas until I know what we’re having. But hopefully that should be rectified in the next couple of weeks at our next scan. In the meantime I’m doing what I can. We’ve found someone to take the guest bed (as the guest bedroom is going to become the nursery), I’m looking for a wall of wardrobes and am mentally Spring cleaning the room. It’s accumulated a ton of clutter over the years!

I’ve a few other projects in progress. One of which is a baby blanket I’m knitting for the chilly Winter Munchkin will experience not long after it enters the world.


P1050204La Droguerie Baby BlanketLa Droguerie Baby Blanket


Made out of the softest 100% alpaca yarn and with a gorgeous Liberty Print binding to go around the edge, I purchased the kit from La Drougerie last year when I was in Paris. I’ve been knitting it at the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch I go to on Wednesday evenings as it doesn’t require counting. I find I end up undoing most of the complicated work I do on Wednesdays as I’m too busy chatting and listening to focus properly. It comes in a gorgeous tin and it fits in my handbag. So it’s perfect!

I may change the binding if it turns out I’m having a little girl, for something that brings out more of the purples and pinks in the blanket. But otherwise it’s coming together perfectly and I love it!

You can order the kits from La Drougerie via telephone but you’ll need your best French. Otherwise you can head to one of the many stores they have dotted around France and Japan.



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