Knitting for Munchkin #2


We’re really excited. I had a 21 week scan last week and we now know that Munchkin is a little girl! As far as they could tell she’s healthy. They counted her fingers and toes (as well as a whole heap of other things) and she has the appropriate number so all is going splendiferously well.

This has however thrown me into a bit of a spin. I now need to get my act in gear to get the nursery finished before I grow to whale-esk proportions. We’ve gone through the spare room (soon to be nursery) and have de-cluttered and culled. We sold the spare bed and we’ve ordered new wardrobes and bathroom cabinets; all to be delivered in a week. We’ve been living in this apartment for over three years but we’re finally ‘moving in’.

We have commenced serious research into all things baby and took our first trip to the baby store. We were the shell shocked and very lost ones wandering aimlessly. We did succeed in buying Munchkin’s first outfit. We’ve spent countless hours researching baby gizmo’s, gadgets and furniture since. Goodness all of it is elaborate and confusing!

I’m still trying to find the exact shades I want for the nursery. But the design is firming up and we’re planning expeditions into France to find furniture etc.


La Droguerie Alpaca Baby Cardigan


We do have some things though, one of which is this little cardigan I made from this kit available from La Droguerie. It’s made of gorgeous 100% alpaca yarn and is just so gloriously soft!

The kit came with everything I needed to put it together, including knitting needles! And as we bought it before we knew what flavour Munchkin was, it is a perfectly practical colour. I’m now looking for some cute little additions to add to make it a little more feminine.

If you’re new to knitting, it’s a perfect item to start with as it’s very easy.


La Droguerie Alpaca Baby Cardigan


It’s sized for a three to six month old, which is perfect as Munchkin will be 3 months in December and after visiting family in Australia for Christmas, will experiencing a very chilly Swiss winter!

You can order the kits from La Droguerie via telephone but you’ll need your best French. Otherwise you can head to one of the many stores they have dotted around France and Japan.


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  • Bianca says:

    Hi Nic, I just discover that you will have a girl.. welcome to the club 😉
    I’m happy that everything going well and I may have a contact for you regarding the setup/questions for the baby’s room.
    Her name it’s Bérengère Wilde, say that you come from me, here her website: . She’s a distributor for few brands.
    take care bye bye

    • next to nicx says:

      Hi Bianca,
      Thanks! We’re very happy and excited. Now that I’m feeling so much better I’m really starting to enjoy the pregnancy and the preparation in the lead up. I’m having great fun messing around with colour samples, furniture designers and soft furnishings! I’ll definitely have a look at Bérengère Wilde’s work. Thank you for the link.
      I received a gift box and packet full of baby things at the doctors yesterday and in amongst all of the fun bits and bobs was one of your advertisements. I’ll definitely have to have a look at your site again soon now that I’m starting to grow out of my ‘normal’ clothes 😉

  • Bianca says:

    and very lovely knit cardigan by the way!

  • Bianca says:

    With pleasure! When you are ready, come to have a chat/tea 🙂
    see you

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