Pretty Patterned Gift Bags

Template and Tutorial

You might remember the small pretty patterned paper bag template I did a few months ago?
Well I find myself in need of something a little larger recently and so decided to modify the template and scale it up to fit an A3 piece of paper. I bought some lovely 180gsm A3 paper from my local paper store and some cute cotton tape from my local haberdashery and got to work.

This is what I come up with! The final bag measures 12.7 cm wide x 19 cm high x 4.8 cm deep

To start the project I printed out the template onto A3 slightly textured paper. This project works better with nice thick paper, so get the thickest you can find. But make sure that it’s not too thick, you want it to be able to feed through your printer!

I then cut out the template using a ruler and scalpel (as I’m fanatical about being precise) but you could easily use an x-acto knife or even scissors if you’re doing this project with children.

I then scored and folded all along all the fold lines (the light dotted lines on the template). Using a quick drying paper glue, I neatly glued the top flap down. I left a small portion unglued where the side flap tucks underneath (purely for aesthetic purposes). Gluing down the top flap makes your bag a lot stronger and will help avoid the handles pulling out if you put a heavy gift in it!

Putting glue on the printed side of the side flap, I tucked the side flap underneath the unglued portion of the top flap. neatly sticking the side panel together.

This is what the outside of your bag should look like at this point.

And his is what the inside of your bag should look like.

I then put a thick piece of card inside my bag (so that I didn’t cut through both sides) and measured and marked where I would like my handles to go. I was using 1.5cm wide tape and cut the line in 2.5 cms in from the side and 2 cms down from the top of the bag.

I did this step here and not before glueing the side panel because I was in a hurry and wanted the glue to have time to dry before I cut it. But if you have a little more time, I would suggest doing this step before you glue the side panel if you can. It will mean you’re less likely to have an accident and cut down too far.

Then using a scalpel I cut along the lines I’d marked.

Moving to the bottom of the bag, I folded the small side flaps in, put glue on the printed side of each and glued one of the large flaps down to the two small ones. You may need to turn your bag up and look in through the top of the bag to line it all up nicely, or you may end up with a bag that’s slightly twisted.

I then glued the final bottom panel into place.

As I wanted some of my bags to be able to be packed away flat for future use, I neatly folded the sides in and the bottom up as shown below. You can avoid this step if you’re not worried storing them.

I then fed my cotton tape through the holes I’d cut. I used about 35 cms of tape for each handle.

After lining the tape up and leaving enough length for the tape to adhere past the folded-over top panel, I put a good amount of strong quick drying glue onto the underside of the tape and neatly glued it down. As this portion of the bag is structural, I used a superglue.

Glueing it over and past the top fold gives the bag more structural strength. But you can avoid glueing it and just knot the handle ends if you want.

Repeat the steps above for the other handle and you’re done!

You can download the templates for each of the bags below.

Circles Pattern- Large Pretty Patterned Gift Bag
Chevron Pattern- Large Pretty Patterned Gift Bag
Japanese Fan Pattern- Large Pretty Patterned Gift Bag
Japanese Fan Pattern- Large Pretty Patterned Gift Bag


Large Pretty Patterned Gift Bags by Next to Nicx by Nicola Pravato is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.



Hi Nicx,

I love, love, love all the pattern papers you’ve created and all the amazing things you can do with them. However I was wondering if you can provide just the individual pattern printed on a whole piece of A4 paper (borderless), something like the one you did for the chocolate bars but minus the wordings on the middle of the page. I thought that will be really nice to use as wrapping paper to decorate all sorts of things (like what you did with the ikea box for the chocolates). Will also like to thank you for your generosity in sharing your hard work. Hope to see more great stuff here.


Fabulous stuff – I can’t wait to try this too!,


just love these, fantastic tutorial. I just added a link to your site, the gift bag tutorial, the paper bag tutorial and the candy wrapper tutorial to my blog.
The Crafty Cancello.
You work is absolutely wonderful.
Thank you!

next to nicx

Hello Heather,
You’re very welcome! Thank you so much for the links! I’m so glad you like them :)


Wonderful site! I love snipping cutting fold paper anything and these bags are just my thing. Thanks!


Thank you so much for your wonderful blog and for sharing with us all that, I’m totally addict to you blog. Elia from France.


HI,can you tell me where I can find this template but with nno pattern so I can use my own design!!!!


Many thanks

next to nicx

Maybe try printing it out and tracing the outline onto the paper or design you’d like? :)


What a nice set the bags and chocolate wrappers will make. Thank you for sharing them and for your tutorial.

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