Lego Party Goodie Boxes

My friend Clare has a 7 year old son who is Lego mad! He’s gone as far as memorising the catalog numbers of the kits he wants and can tell you just how many pieces there are in each box!

So it was pretty much a given that his next birthday would require a Lego theme. And whilst Clare has the challenge of creating a Lego cake and all manner of other Lego themed party items, I offered to make her some goodie boxes for each of the children to take home filled with gifts and lollies.

I printed them out on matt, coloured card. I’ve discovered that my inkjet printer will take 300gsm card which works perfectly. But 200 gsm will work fairly well too if you want to print them using a laser printer.

I then scored the fold lines and cut them out with an xacto knife. I used a strong quick setting glue to assemble them so I didn’t have to hold them for an age or risk damaging the card by taping them together whilst the glue dried.  And now that I’ve completed them, I’ve loaded up the template so you can create your own for your Lego mad family members!

Lego confectionary makes for a cute goodie bag/ box filler!





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