Making a herb terrarium



DM and I love fresh herbs. We buy some almost every week from the grocery store, even in Winter, when they’re stupidly expensive and turn into green slime almost quicker than we can get them home. So we decided to attempt a terrarium filled with a few of our favourites to be kept inside. We live in a Minergie rated apartment in Lausanne, meaning that it has fabulous insulation and under-floor heating and so stays a fairly constant temperature indoors all year round. That should give us half a chance of keeping them alive!

This is what I’ve created! We’re hoping to get it happily settled so that we can keep it going through the Winter months. Here is how I did it…


I bought this vase from Interio for about 40 chf. It’s rather large but as we wanted Rosemary and Mint and they grow quite tall, it needed to be!



To start with, I added a layer of activated charcoal I bought from the Aquarium section of my local big hardware store.



Then added a layer of pebbles, also purchased from the Aquarium section of Hornbach.


TerrariumAnd I topped it off with some lovely, rich, potting mix. Then I got to planting! We added Basil, Rosemary and Mint. It turned out beautifully and adds a lovely fresh aroma to the lounge area where we’ve put it. Here’s hoping I can keep them all alive! If I can it’ll save us a fortune.

Have you indoor herbs at home? How do you keep them thriving and feeding you through the Winter months?



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