Party preparation & wonderful guests!

I’m entering into an insanely busy week. But a good one!

My husband and I are holding our annual Summer party on Saturday. Every year around about this time we find ourselves humming Christmas tunes and subconsciously readying for the festivities that go along with Summer and Christmas in Australia. Last year we decided to do something about it! I love organising a good heels-up and we both throughly enjoying hosting a party for our friends, so the natural solution to our ‘But It’s Not Christmas Conundrum’ was to create an event!

We held our inaugural Summer party last year in the form of a Unbirthday party but this year we are hosting a party that’s a little more grownup and just a bit more simple, we’re holding a cocktail party. It currently looks like we’ll have about 30 people, which is a nice number (and about the maximum that the apartment will hold comfortably without having people overtaking the bedrooms).

So I’ve placed alcohol orders, bought glassware and cocktail shakers, arranged menus, created shopping lists, have organised to buy a ton of fresh flowers on Saturday morning and (with help from my lovely Husband) I’ve cleaned the house thoroughly so that next weekend we only have a quick clean to do beforehand.

I also dropped a line to the fabulous people at Hemingway’s in Manly. We discovered this place and their amazing Hemingway’s Cup cocktails last Christmas. I had to be shoehorned out when we had to leave at the end of our week ‘back home’ in Manly in December. And they have very kindly emailed me their recipe for the Hemingway’s Cup! I’ll be attempting to recreate it.

I predict a couple of Hendricks gin laced aperitifs this week. All in the name of scientific discovery of course…!

But there’s an additional reason the house got a thorough scrubbing, and that an impromptu trip to Ikea was taken…

My parents-in-law are coming for a visit this week too. This is the reason for holding the party this Saturday, as we want them to meet all the lovely people we know here. Then we have the following weekend to spend with them recovering and eating too much chocolate and cheese whilst sightseeing.

I know that for many the in-laws visiting would be a reason to hide your friends and to create a blast radius around your house to isolate the fallout, but I hit the jackpot when I married into this family. Mil and Fil are fabulous and we want them to be able to put faces to names when we mention our friends.

So the house is almost ready, we’ve a huge tub of party supplies awaiting and only decoration and food preparation to do on Friday and Saturday.

MERRY CHRIS…. &%#$!!



 Photo’s from our trip to Hemingway’s in December

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