Pretty patterned paper bags!

After I’d made up chocolate wrappers for my Husband’s Uncle and Aunt last week. I made some gift bags for our nephews. Creating a template that can be printed out on A4 paper.

They looked rather cute! So I decided to do a series of them so that you can download and create your own!

The finished bag size is 135mm high x 90mm wide x 35mm deep. As with the chocolate wrappers, I cut a roll of brown paper I have into A4 sheet size and fed it through my inkjet printer.

It’s then very easy to cut the template out and use some adhesive or double-sided tape to glue them together!

To make them a little more special, I’ve made them personalisable! As long as you have Adobe Acrobat, you can type in the names or notes you want on your bag!

I’ve created them in two different sized fonts to allow for longer names. If you don’t want any text on your bags, just open the document with Adobe Acrobat and delete the text before printing it out.





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