Quite a busy couple of weeks…

 And not a whole lot to show for it!


I’m now 25 weeks pregnant. I look like I have half a watermelon and two half rockmelons (Cantaloupes for you non-Australians) attached to my front. My toes have disappeared from view (which reminds me, I really need to get a pedicure if I’m going to start wearing flip flops and sandals for Summer. I don’t want to be scaring you all with Hobbit feet just because I can’t see them! 😉). It’s been an interesting few weeks, and whilst things have been really quiet around here blog wise (sorry!), my life has been insanely busy whilst annoyingly interspersed with days of absolute exhaustion where I’ve been unable to do little more than ensure the Nic shaped impression on the couch is still there. The addition of a little person into your life certainly shakes things up!

I was intending to try and keep the blog separate from my Munchkin ‘life’. But I now see that it’s impossible as my life currently consists of very little that is not baby-centric and just results in the blog stagnating. Please be patient with me, I’ll find the right balance soon.


Wool cross stitch blanket


Thankfully my health has improved and my fitness level is back to what it was before the 6 weeks of hellish morning sickness hit and I’ve started gaining weight after dropping 6 kgs. This was followed by full body hives that kick in whenever I get slightly over-warm.  Nothing like impersonating an angry, red, insanely itchy blister to give you ‘pregnancy glow’. Thankfully I’ve been able to get it under control with medication and now only have random itchy patches if I sit in the sun for too long.

I’m now in the ‘honeymoon’ stage of the pregnancy. My energy levels have increased and I’ve yet to hit whale sized proportions, so we’re getting as much done now as we can in preparation for Munchkins arrival. I’ve selected a colour scheme for the nursery, have commenced in depth research into origami lampshades, nursery furniture, car seats, bouncers and prams. The nursery is starting to form clearly in my mind and is slowly becoming a reality. I’ll share the details with you as it comes together.

It helps that for the most part, the sun has finally arrived in Switzerland, it gives you a real energy boost!


Summer is finally here


Then there is the mountain of boring stuff. Spring cleaning, window cleaning, doing a years worth of paperwork for the tax man… etc

We also invested in a car. We’ve had no need of one for the past 3 1/2 years. The public transport system in Lausanne is amazing. But Munchkins pending arrival changed all that. We set out with a list of cars we wanted to test drive and then, for one reason or another, discounted every single car on the list. Thankfully, just before we gave up and I threw an over-tired pregnant woman tantrum,  we discovered a car we both liked and that suits our needs perfectly. It’s boring enough to fill the mum car requirement, sporty enough that DM doesn’t feel like he’s driving a bus, safe enough for Munchkin and with a trunk big enough to pack the pram and a kitchen sink or two. We picked it up on Saturday. It came with a handmade Swiss chocolate car… these people really know how to please a pregnant woman!


Chocolate Audi


It now looks a bit like he’s been in a horrific car crash. The whole front end is missing.

I’ve also created 2 recipes that are not quite right and need a little tweaking. My cinnamon donuts filled with custard were so light and fluffy the custard leaked out the bottom. Light and fluffy is great. Leaking custard is not so great. So I’ll try the recipe again this week and post it asap. I’ve also some cute packaging tutorials that are also not quite there. And I’ve been knitting like mad. As Munchkin will be experiencing a Swiss Winter in her first few months, I’ve been making cute cardigans and Liberty print bound blankets.


Knitting pattern for Munchkin


I’m also collecting fabrics for Munchkins crib quilt, and finding yarns and patterns for a cross stitched fine wool blanket. In addition to designing and making gifts for the masses of others I know also giving birth this year. So I’ve a mountain of projects in progress but very little to actually show you right now. Hopefully this week will be a little more productive and I’ll get some of the projects finished!




All photos taken from my Instagram feed

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