The Sunday before our trip to Australia. Our lovely friend Sandra took us to Schilthorn. It was AMAZING!

Husband and I are not overly active types. I detest the cold (two knee reconstructions when I was 16 have left me with an ache that lasts most of the winter months) and I have had firm words from my current doctor about not throwing myself down mountains attached to pieces of wood. And Husband has had two broken ankles. So we’re not really poster children for the whole winter sports thing. We’re much more ‘lets go cycling or doing laps in a pool’ kind of people. Or as it’s seemed since we arrived in Switzerland; ‘let’s hibernate and pretend the cold outside doesn’t exist’ kind of people.

I did look at heading into the mountains for an ogle. But when looking at the timetables and seeing 1 bus, 3 trains and a couple of cable cars to go one way, I freaked and stuck my nose back in my book whilst munching on cake. Or promptly planned a trip to Paris.

It didn’t help that everyone kept talking about ‘Hiking’ which immediately brought to mind special equipment, frostbite, having to eat the sled dogs and Mount Everest. My husband and I love ‘walking’ but ‘hiking’ sounded sadistic! This is where fabulous friends come in, Sandra persisted and took us to Schilthorn and on a light hike. And we’re hooked. Check out the pictures and you’ll see why.

Who knew it?! Hiking IS walking! 😉

It was my first ever trip on a cable car and I was about as excited as a 2 year old who has just been handed a lolly pop the size of a football. We got to take 8 in total going up and down the mountain… so I’m now I ‘pro’ and not prone to jumping up and down on the spot with excitement whilst on them anymore. Something Husband is grateful for, it’s not a good idea to jump up and down whilst on cable cars apparently. People get miffed with you.

Spoil sports.

We drove to the Taslstation at Schilthornbahn and caught the cable cars to Grimmelwald, Murren, Birg and then Schilthorn. Having lunch at the James Bond themed revolving café (they filmed one of the James Bond movies here an age ago) whilst watching people throw themselves off perfectly good rock-faces whilst wearing parachutes and others flying around in helicopters getting a bird’s eye view of the beauty.

If you have a desire to throw yourself off a rock-face and float down; contact Paragliding-Jungfrau. It does look like great fun!

We then took the cable cars back down to Murren and wandered through the town. Then taking the funiculaire up to do the Allmenhubel Flower Trail and walking back down to Murren. It was beautiful! I can’t recommend it enough.

Thanks Sandra!

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